Back Up Your Hard Drives – don’t be a fool and lose vital data!

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I created this a couple of weeks ago when I was having trouble with my iMac – and now that I have the new iMac Retina, I've been so distracted just staring at the beautiful screen that I forgot to post it! HA!

I'm sure you all have a backup plan and execute it religiously right?

I sometimes talk a good story and don't always follow up, but I'm also using a web based (cloud) service now and that's helped me keep things backed up. I have a comfortable feeling knowing that my offsite backup is being done every day.

What kind of backup are you performing? Sound off in the comments

Back Up Your Hard Drives

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planetMitch gives his advice on why you have to back up your hard drives and services you can use to efficiently do that.

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  1. I backup project files only.  Since I cannot rebuild projects from SD card MTS files the way I used to with tape I make full rez backups of every final video and then a video bed version.  All are dumped to optical discs.  Original footage is eventually erased from hard drives.  I do not keep footage on hard drives just on the small chance someone may need a revision in three years.  Shame on me I know but buying a bunch of hard drives for archive is expensive and tedious–optical discs are probably worse.

  2. Yeah I agree with Carbon Copy Cloner. I’ve been using it for years at work and home. I would recommend that anyone backing up to another drive should make sure not to just clone from one drive to another, but to create a folder to backup to on the target drive. That way it should limit you from accidentally working on a drive from the target instead of the original source. 
    I’ve been also using CrashPlan as a third redundant copy of my data offline in the cloud at home. It’s unlimited and also allows any attached drives and network attached drive to be backed up along with your main drive. What’s nice is that it gets cheaper the more years you pay ahead. It obviously takes sometime to backup to the cloud (could be months to get terabytes into the cloud), but it runs in the background. I’ve got a couple of terabytes up there now. It also archives older versions of changed files. 

    I started also archiving (at home) to save space, my extra MTS/AVCHD dumps from the original SD cards to data Blu-ray’s.

    When i find out people don’t have a backup plan i get on there case. It’s just sad to tell people there not much hope in recovering your lost memories or projects.

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