AXSY T-Set advanced motion control

AXSY T-set: Wireless Open Source Motion Control with Smartphone App

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This is what market forces are all about: innovation, competition, value – and survival. The AXSY T-set enters an increasingly crowded field of upstarts who are taking on the established motion control players.

This week’s Kickstarter campaign of interest is AXSY’s T-Set, a modular set of motion control equipment. It consists of Centric, their controller (accessed wirelessly via smartphone and which wirelessly controls their other modules); their slider (named, appropriately enough, Slide); and Spin (their motor, which can be used in combination with other Spin motors for multiple axis movements).

The challenges for new entrants in this space are the proven robustness, smoothness and economies of scale enjoyed by players like Kessler, Cinevate and DitoGear. The opportunity is to out-innovate and/ or out-value these better-known competitors.

AXSY is clearly on the right track with smartphone control done wirelessly, and they are intriguing in their use of open source firmware.

Still, the value of open source firmware remains to be seen (planet5D readers know the value of open source through Magic Lantern and are anticipating new value through ML’s work with apertus° on their Axiom cinema camera – but open source can also be tricky).

And robustness continues to be something to watch carefully as new players come to market.

What makes the competitive landscape even more daunting is that Kessler, especially, recognizes the downward price pressure and innovation coming from the new kids on the block – and has begun to respond with their Second Shooter product line.

We wish AXSY success, but also look forward to Kessler and others stepping up in response.

AXSY T-Set – Advanced motion control made easy

Via Kickstarter:

The most comprehensive and affordable camera motion control equipment to date. Create amazing video, timelapse or astrophotography.

The AXSY T-Set! The most comprehensive, easy to use and affordable motion control set to date. Its advanced features give you numerous abilities whether you create video, timelapse, stop motion or astrophotography. Whether you are an amateur or a professional filmmaker, the AXSY T-Set brings you advanced motion control for a wide variety of cinematic techniques.

The Triaxis-set is made up of the Centric, Slide and three Spin smart motors. The standard length of the rails on Slide are 1 meter but are extendable to any length with our 50cm extension rails. It allows you to get linear and rotational motion control over your DSLR-camera or video-camera.

Three devices and an app. One goal.

AXSY T-Set image 1

Centric and our app are the brains of the AXSY T-Set. If they are the brains then Spin and Slide are the brawn, providing you with sliding, panning and tilting motions.

Their only goal is to make it possible for you to get amazing shots!

No cables, no worries.

Centric gives you control over your devices utilising your smartphone with familiar touch input instead of clunky knobs and buttons. It controls all the current and yet to be released devices via a radio mesh network, and can connect via OTG USB or standard shutter release cable to your camera. The app's menu has been structured so that it lets you setup your shots in no time and with no special knowledge, while also having all the necessary information only a glance away. Creating a movement can be done with ease through the intuitive UI of our app. If you´re a pro user, don’t worry, you still get full control over all the details to get your perfect shot. Whether you´re a filmmaker, photographer or timelapse enthusiast, Centric has a deep feature set ready for you.


Design that gets out of your way

The T-Set lets you focus on your work by stripping away all of the unnecessary complexity that you normally find in motion control equipment. The devices in the AXSY T-Set have been designed to complement each other for enhanced functionality without adding complexity. A full 3 axis setup can be ready to go in under 5 minutes. This means you can capture even the most fleeting moments.

It offers an extremely diverse variety of uses, whatever kind of visual artist you are or want to become.

Spin, the smart motor

AXSY T-Set advanced motion control

Every Spin has a battery hidden inside which means not only is it completely wireless but you also never have to worry about carrying around an extra battery pack again. Spin is wirelessly controlled by Centric through our app. Without cables to get tangled up in, you will be free to move around and get the shot you want, how you want. The battery pack encased inside Spin holds enough power for hours of timelapse motion. It is the most versatile smart motor out there.

Work Horse

By using durable, high quality materials like anodised aluminum, steel and delrin plastic, you get a product that never lets you down and will be a part of your kit for years. The AXSY T-Set can be easily packed down into a small package ready to embark on your adventures into the cinematographic universe.

The AXSY T-Set is a work horse, capable of handling whatever gear you throw at it. The intelligent use of specific materials reduces weight and provides strength where necessary. We will also offer different purchasing options so that you can fit your equipment to your budget and needs.

See full description of AXSY T-Set at their Kickstarter page

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)

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