Win a $1,350 DitoGear™ Spinn360 on planet5D!

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In November, we were blessed to give away a DitoGear T'rantula GO worth over $1800 to one lucky winner (and I we haven't posted the winner yet, but we did select one and the T'rantula GO is on its way to him), and for the holidays, DitoGear is using us to give away one of their other new products the Spinn360!

All you've got to do is enter – and get your friends to help you win.

How does it work?

When you enter, you get one ‘ticket’ to win – but when you spread the love and get others to join in the giveaway, you get one ‘ticket’ for everyone who enters via your custom link. The more you spread the word, the more chances you can have to win!

Note too that our planet5D email subscribers have been working this giveaway for several days as we notify our subscribers before posting the giveaway on the blog – so there’s yet another reason (besides the 5 free filmmaking ebooks) to be a part of the planet5D universe!

You can always find our current giveaway at

But the clock is ticking!!!

DitoGear™ Spinn360

DitoGear™ Spinn360 is a motion-controlled turntable supporting payloads up to 100kg. It allows for precise motion control across live-action cinematography, VFX, timelapse and stop-motion animation.

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Learn more about DitoGear™ Spinn360

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Win DitoGear™ Spinn360

For the occasion of releasing brand new models of motion control sliders – DitoGear™ T'rantula GO and T'rantula HD, and a motion control turntable – DitoGear™ Spinn360, we decided to give away one of our novelties.

A GiveAway winner receives a DitoGear™ Spinn360.

Enter the giveaway now to win a $1,350 DitoGearSpinn360!



Winner will be selected from a totally random draw of all entrants just after that time. You need not be present to win – but if you don’t enter a valid email address, we won’t be able to contact you! You have 3 days to respond as well if you’re the winner or we’ll move on to the next selection.

Remember, when you get your friends to click your unique giveaway link (shown after you enter), you’ll get even more chances to win!


* Anyone all over the world is eligible to enter except for DitoGear affiliates and business partners.

* The shipping cost needs to be covered by the winner.

* All customs, import taxes and handling are the responsibility of the winner.

* By entering, you agree to join the planet5D email list (you can unsubscribe at any time – but why would you want to?).

* By entering, you agree to receive marketing communications from DitoGear™ (but you can opt out).

* The product value can be traded against other purchase with DitoGear™ (for a value of $1000), but can’t be traded for cash.

Enter the giveaway HERE

(cover photo credit: snap from the giveaway)

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