Simple Sunday Survey #2 – What’s the best camera brand?

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Well, ‘what's the best camera brand' may not be the exact way I worded this Simple Sunday Survey, but essentially that's what it is all about. When I asked “What brand of camera do you own?” I think it became a vote of what is best didn't it?

Simple Sunday Survey

My 2015 goal is to send email only to our planet5D subscribers every Sunday with one question, and reporting on the results here on the blog every Wednesday.

So the question this past Sunday was “What camera brand(s) do you own?”

I wanted to compare that to last Sunday's question.

What camera brand(s) do you own?

So “Simple Sunday Survey” to our daily readers this past Sunday was: “What camera brand(s) do you own?”

Here's the analysis of the results… does this indeed define the ‘best camera brand?' in both video and audio formats:

audio version




video version

Are the results surprising to you? Does it balance against last week's question to you?


Of course a question like this is full of possible follow-ups and we will dive into many more of those in the coming weeks.

Does this mean Canon is still the leader in the industry?

We will definitely dive into more questions about what people are actually doing with their cameras really soon so keep your eyes peeled on the planet5D stars!

Of course, you're welcome to sound off in the comments!

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  1. Please do the same survey at the end of 2015, you’ll see panasonic and sony just behind, if not ahead!

  2. but that was interesting! maybe it is biaised by the fact that most planet5D readers own…a 5D? ūüėČ

  3. GuillaumeJuin well, I will plan to do the same survey at the end of the year Рthat’s what gives us great data… based on previous surveys tho, I know there are plenty of readers who have more than just a Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

  4. Anyone who thinks the 5D is the best DSLR video camera is ignorant of
    the abilities of the current cameras. It’s at best 4th behind Samsung
    NX1, A7s and GH4. And a long way behind in 4th.

  5. Nathan_Redfield so you’re calling me ignorant? I’m well aware of the capabilities of the other cameras… and¬†I still much prefer the¬†5D3.

  6. Actually, the question changed… and I now do not agree with the new question (and conclusion), and would respond differently.
    I filled out that I owned Canon gear… but I haven’t used it in months.
    I don’t consider it the best.
    My goto cameras are my Olympus OMD-EM5 and the Panasonic GH3.
    Future purchases will be mirrorless bodies. I have a Sony NEX 5n that I use more than my 5DmkII, and T2i. I sold my 60D months ago, and haven’t missed it a day.
    … and, I’m very happy with my Nikon 1 V1 for street photography.
    Oh, and I just came into several Leica lenses, which are fantastic on my mirrorless bodies… but won’t work on DSLR’s.
    Canon the best? Sometimes, for some people… but not me.

  7. Seems like those promoting brands of mirrorless cameras are commenting as if they represent the whole world…My God! What a pathetic fallacy. They should travel extensively, so they will know how this types of camera format fare badly in terms of sales here in Asia. Whether you like it or not DSLRs are still the reigning king of the throne, and will be staying there for a long period of time…

  8. PioDaniloCuadra thanks for making time to comment. DSLRs have taken some heat and¬†people still say to me all the time that “DSLR video is dead” yet everywhere¬†I go,¬†I see people using DSLRs to shoot video – EVERYWHERE! I went to a local “Nutcracker” presentation a few weeks ago, the pro hired to recored the event was using 3 DSLRs.

  9. rdbvideo you’re right,¬†I did kinda change the intent of the question a bit in the reporting of the question… but¬†I still feel that consumers vote with their wallets – and¬†Canon is clearly winning here. Maybe this is changing and we can only see that over time. Like you said, you own¬†Canon, but maybe you’re not shooting with it much any more. Could be true for many, but we’ll see in other questions coming up what is going on. That’s also why 1 question at a time has both good and bad points ūüôā

  10. Come on guys. Some of you look like old guys riding horses and saying that the car will never substitute the animal. DSLR for video is a bad concept. There isn’t any video/film pro camera with analogic system (talking only about digital systems) inside. If video (and now film) is eletronic, why do I have to carry a mirror inside and look to a VF that’s not EVF and is close when shooting?
    This is a thing of a past and a poor concept. Why it worked? Because in old days people believe that they couldn’t do video because they need a video camera, and video camera are for videographers. Now they think I own a video capable camera now, so I’m also a videographer. So we’ve got millions of photographers jumping into video in only 2/3 years. I know guys that now shoot video with a DSLR and never shoot before with a camcorder (and it’s a lot easier). And some already spent more for that DSLR than a camcorder.¬†
    The DSLR video for me was more a mind shift revolution than anything else. Today for serious videographers (serious is meant only for guys who want to do video) there is much, much more than a DSLR (or mirroless) out there. For example:¬†The JVC – GY-LS300U is a¬†4K (UHD really) ¬†S35mm Camcorder with all things that a camera should have: ND, XLR with 48v, EVF and Monitor, SDI and HDM, live audio levels, etc. etc. Lens mount is MFT and cost less than 5K. This is the best price/specs camera out there and beats all DSLRs/Mirroless out there. But don’t take stills and the same old guys that didn’t pick a camcorder to do video, they still choose to spend the same 5K with a DSLR/Mirrorless.

  11. VicoUghetto¬†You’re so right… DSLRs shooting video is a horrible concept… that’s why something like 50% of all commercials in the US are shot on DSLRs… and¬†planet5D never gets any traffic so our sponsors are leaving in droves… so while you make your money one way, others choose to do it another…¬†

    it is all good

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