Monopods rock! So how does the MogoPod Monopod compare to market leaders?

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I love monopods! So how does the Mogopod Monopod fit in with my photography and video needs?

Monopods are supposed to make your life as a filmmaker or a photographer much easier so that you can be portable and yet still have some very good stability cannot be doing a whole bunch of shaky cam stuff.

However, most monopods and tripods drive me crazy because you have multiple Little flicking levers or turning knobs that you have to use in order to expand them. How can you be Quick and portable if you have to do multiple twisties or flippies in order to get your monopod to the right height? It always felt like it defeated the purpose.

When I saw that the Mogopod monopod (kit with legs) last year, I was excited to see what I could do with this new monopod with a very quick release!

I have a Manfrotto 685B monopod with a ‘trigger' quick release for many years and I love it. It is so simple to use and locks firmly in place yet can easily be compacted or shortened with one quick move. So much easier than the 3-4 locking mechanisms on most other monopods.

I also have the very popular Manfrotto 561 BVHD monopod (which seems to have been replaced with the 562 here) with the little tripod feet and the one direction head (it isn't a video head that goes horizontal and vertical)…

So how do those compare to the brand-new Mogopod monopod? Find out in my video review below!

MogoPod monopod review by planet5D

The planet5D review of the MoGoPod Mk III – find out more info at




mogopod monopod

Mogopod MKIII "S"

Learn more about the MoGoPod Mk III

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  1. Sirui makes very nice carbon fiber monopods, too.  See the Sirui P-224S (most like this model), P-324S and the P-424S (the bigger brother which holds 26 lbs.). They all have very strong and light construction.  I have the P-424S and it does well even when loaded up with my BMPC 4K and rig. The ability to swivel and tilt the monopod while the feet are extended is nice (and the drag is adjustable). Feet are large and sturdy and lock solidly in place (also removable for use as table-top tripod). I don’t think trying to use a carbon fiber monopod as a crane would be advisable, though.

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