Canon Rumor: 50 Megapixel Full Frame DSLR?

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What are the odds that 2015 is the year Canon introduces a 50 megapixel, full frame DSLR sensor? And irrespective of the odds… why?

Thanks to Canon Rumors for this tidbit (a first half 2015 launch with two 50mp variants) which – if true – is the clearest indication yet that Canon’s efforts in its DSLR line are concentrated on the still, rather than video, side of imaging.

Which is fine, because Canon has some catching up to do.

Canon offers what is arguably the best and most comprehensive imaging system in the marketplace, especially considering their lens offerings and — in the still photography world — their phenomenal Speedlites.  But Canon does lag in the sensor wars, and more than anyone else it's Sony that has put them in that position: both the Sony A7R and Nikon D810 employ a 36mp Sony sensor.

And whether it's because of the resolution or in addition to it, both Sony sensor-equipped competitors beat Canon's best across the board according to DxOMark, scoring wins in bit depth, dynamic range and low-light performance.

Even Sony's a6000 outpoints the Canon 5D Mk III sensor on bit depth and dynamic range, though it takes a back seat to the Canon in low-light performance.

But there's no doubt that if Canon applies itself, this rumored twosome could be a real shot across the bow to Sony, Nikon — and just about everyone else.

And if (though there is NO rumor about this at the moment) Canon offered 4K and other video-centric features like focus peaking and exposure aids?


Via Canon Rumors:

The world continues to wait for Canon to jump back into the resolution race, and it looks like they will be in 2015 (though we have previously said they would in 2014). A few new mentions of a 50mp camera coming in the first half of 2015 to which there will be 2 variants. One with a low pass filter, and another without. I’m not sure Canon would get into 2 SKUs for one camera body, though they have done it for astronomy camera purposes. The camera will not be an EOS-1 style camera and would be a new camera above the 5D line. You’re free to call it the “3D”, but I’ve never been a fan of that name simply because it could be confusing to consumers.

50mp camera from Canon


Things are getting a little bit muddled with 5D Mark IV talk and Cinema EOS talk (lots of 4K products coming) and I suspect things are getting pretty fragmented. We currently have nothing reliable to report as far as a 5D Mark III replacement is concerned. I also have nothing to report about an EOS-1D X Mark II, which is something that is sure to be addressed over the next 12 months.

Source: Canon Rumors

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon Rumors)

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

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  1. Camera makers seem to be repeating the Japanese amplifier power wars of the ’70s. (“My amplifier has ten watts more per channel than yours. Nyah, nyah, nyah.”) I’m more-interested in high ISOs. I’d like to have 3200 speed with ultra-low noise.
    But there’s logic in an extremely high pixel count — especially for Canon. Canon is always bragging about the high quality of its glass. One way to demonstrate its superiority is to get rid of the low-pass filter.
    If this a back-illuminated sensor, Canon might be able to have its cake and eat it — ultra-high resolution with no increase in noise.

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