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A Little Light Relief from Duclos Lenses – How to Choose a Cinema Lens

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Days like this we need a little light relief. Email inbox flooded with press releases about yet another new camera, yet another new lens, yet another new LUT, yet another new application you just have to have or your creative work will fall way behind your competitors’ and you’ll be left walking around with a giant L on your forehead.

We are working in a field undergoing huge, constant change and there are few certainties left, at least in production hardware and software. Not so long ago buying into one format, brand of camera, one make of lens and one maker of tripods was a wise commitment to known qualities and would deliver dividends for years to come.

Now it doesn’t take even six months for something better to come along and make you question the wisdom of the choices you just made. Trade that ageing, underspecced DSLR in for cutting edge mirrorless, sure, but then do I go for Micro Four Thirds or Full Frame?

Which of the two will eventually see all the lenses arrive that I really need and will it be within a time frame I can accept?

Do I stick with the hefty DSLR- and camcorder-sized tripod I bought years ago or look into another model or another brand now that it dwarfs the cameras I currently use and wears me out just carrying around it these days?

Lenses are a vexing issue for mirrorless cameras in any sensor size right now, for example, and even more so if you are renting higher-end cameras or lenses or both and are in a place where the choice and the budgets are wider than it is where I live. My heart bleeds! But I can identify nonetheless.

My funny bone was tickled when Duclos LensesHow to Choose a Cinema Lens infographic was brought to my attention recently. Duclos Lenses’ clients tend towards the bigger end of town so the infographic contains lenses I may never set eyes on much less ever use. Lots of lovely English, French, German and Japanese glass in there, from Angenieux through Cooke and Fujinon to Zeiss.


Duclos Lenses’ How to Choose a Cinema Lens infographic

Duclos Lenses flow chart

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On the other hand the infographic does include one set of lenses I am seriously considering, Cosina’s Voigtlaender Nokton primes that Duclos sells in their cine-modified form. And, talking Micro Four Thirds still, the Duclos Infographic was published before there was public knowledge about another set of MFT primes that looks tempting, Veydra.

How to Choose a Cinema Lens is fun and relevant nonetheless and I am tempted to print it out and pin it to my workroom wall for times like these when I wonder if the decisions I have been making lately have been good ones.

(cover photo credit: snap from Duclos Lenses)


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