Sony Full-Frame E-Mount camera rumor

What Comes After the A7s: New Sony Full Frame in February?

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Sony Alpha Rumors (by way of Petapixel, with thanks) is predicting with a high degree of confidence a brand new full frame E-mount Sony to challenge the Nikon D810 and Canon 5D Mark III – due in February.

The bad news: this means it could cost as much as the competition (or: at least more than the current A7 family – bummer).

The good news: we just might get the no-funky-ergonomics, no 8-bit limited HDMI out, no slo-mo-missing update to the A7s that so many of us are looking for to make it our single go-to camera.

Dang! I’ve gotten caught up in a gear rumor frenzy.

I ought to know better.

Rumor: Sony Plans to Release a New ‘Pro’ Full-Frame E-Mount Camera By Mid-February

Via PetaPixel:

After a rather bland Photokina and PhotoPlus for Sony, it’s no surprise that they’re cooking up something really great for the photography world behind the scenes. And while we don’t have any more concrete news about the rumored medium format camera in the works, a very reliable rumor says to expect a new, pro level full-frame E-Mount within the next 3 months!

Sony Full-Frame E-Mount camera rumor


According to some of Sony Alpha Rumors ‘very best sources,’ Sony is getting ready to make a big announcement in late January or early February. And this big announcement is said to be for at least one new ‘pro’ full-frame E-mount camera with a handful of updated features and capabilities.

Specifically, SAR says that this camera will be the first model in a completely new generation of Sony full-frame cameras.

Read full article at PetaPixel “Rumor: Sony Plans to Release a New ‘Pro’ Full-Frame E-Mount Camera By Mid-February”

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  1. I don’t own an A7 and don’t plan to in the near future but having stuck with Sony thru my career I’ve been their guinea pig throughout Hi-8 with the VX-3 3ccd, then the VX1000 in mini-DV, then various models of HDV, and now with the FS100.  I know it’s the march of progress but I’m burned out on the next camera having all the bells and whistles versus the one I just bought.  The FS100 is a prime example of that–no internal ND and only 60 fps for slow mo.  Oh well I love both of my FS100 and won’t upgrade to 4K anytime in the near future.  So sick and tired of keeping up with the Jones’ and my clients don’t care if I’m shooting DV, HDV, or 1080–they just need their stories told and produced.

  2. Instead of addressing customer feedback and adding features via firmware updates, Sony keeps on releasing new cameras. Glad I sold my FS100 – none of the things customer asked never been considered to be taken care off.

  3. AndriiTaran Well, let’s look at history – traditionally, this is the way camera mfgs make and sell new cameras. They don’t update the old ones. In fact, Canon adding things via firmware was one of the very first instances that I can recall of new features being added via firmware. And it still doesn’t happen very often.

  4. planetMitch AndriiTaran do you think..i should buy the a7s now…or wait….help help help

  5. AlexLeonard1 planetMitch AndriiTaran I’m waiting for the A7S 2! >:)

  6. ScheckySchmengberg And now you know what it will look like, what do you think?

  7. John Brune Remember the good old days of 35mm stills when ALL of the cameras had EVERYTHING you needed (i.e., shutter speed, ISO setting — if it even had a meter! — aperture, and focus)?

  8. HughBrownstone AlexLeonard1 planetMitch AndriiTaran and when is the A7S 2 going to be released?

  9. Graydenpapers HughBrownstone AlexLeonard1 planetMitch AndriiTaran Darned fine question!!

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