Vincent LaForet’s Directing Motion DVD Set According to D4Darious

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“F**k*** Awesome Sauce” as D4Darious says, pretty much covers it. The review of Vincent LaForet's Directing Motion class is entertaining; the DVD set worthwhile. Get thee to it if you’re past the gear thing and want to focus on the craft of storytelling — and can't get to the live event.

I’d never seen nor heard of D4Darious before, but I’ve now subscribed to his YouTube channel because I so enjoyed his video review of Vincent LaForet’s Directing Motion Tour DVD.

Just a few of the highlights in the six+ minute review:

He summarizes a huge chunk of the value of the DVD set by calling it “300 hours worth of film break downs…condensed into 5 hours of cinematic goodness.” Yes.

He says it’s not just for DP’s: “If you want to be a director you should definitely get in on this, too… it’s going to help you get the best from your DP.”  Agreed.

He tackles the price $279 head on: “It’s a little stiff…yes, it’s very high, but if you can afford it, it’s well worth it… not everything can be for free (yeah, I know it sucks)…and you’re paying to learn from a successful professional with years of experience…” Just so.

Nicely done: entertaining, succinct – and spot on.

Vincent Laforet's Directing Motion – D4Darious Review

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Hugh Brownstone

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