The Codec Wars, Ep.7: Cinemartin H.265 & ProRes Plugin for After Effects

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Cinemartin now allows you to export to H.265 from within Adobe After Effects. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll be hearing more about H.265 – that’s right, 5, not 4 – in the coming days and weeks.

Maybe you first read about H.265 (also known as HEVC, or High-Efficiency Video Coding) when you read about the new Samsung NX1, a 4K, 24p, APS-C mirrorless camera wrapped in a DSLR form factor – and using the new H.265 codec.

Or not.

In any case, H.265, ratified only last April, is purported to be a dramatic advance over H.264, with an ambition to deliver identical video quality at half the bit rate. — or dramatic improvements in video quality at the same bit rate.

You can imagine the value to those of us recording 4K.

Cinemartin already offers a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro which allows footage captured in other codecs to be exported to H.265, and now they’ve made that plug-in (along with the ability to convert to all forms of Apple’s ProRes) available inside After Effects as well.

It’s a pretty straightforward process, which you can watch below.

Visit for more details.


Plin AE: Your Adobe After Effects to H265 & Prores

Via Cinemartin Press:

Plin now comes in a AE variant for After Effects (added to the current Premiere Plugin)

Cinemartin Cinec PLIN AE

Cinemartin has just released Plin AE Plugin, to compliment its Plin plugin for Premiere, now Plin AE is available for Adobe After Effects for windows users to be able to export the clips and compositions from within AE to Prores and H.265 among others pro and last video codecs.

Simple: File –> Scripts –> AE Plin –> Export only 1 click

Exporting from AE to prores or HEVC H265 is only possible with Cinemartin Plin plugin/s, but it is so much easy, just by going to menu File / Scripts / AE Plin will launch the main interface of the AE Plin Plugin

Cinemartin Cinec PLIN AE


Cinemartin Plin AE Plugin for After Effects to Convert / Export to Prores

This video show how to use the After Effects plugin by Cinemartin to encode a composition from Adobe After Effects to Prores, using the Demo of Plin AE


Cinemartin Plin AE Plugin for After Effects to Convert / Export to HEVC H.265

In this video Plin AE plugin for After Effects encode the composition to HEVC H265 video format


Plin AE is now available at

For more info, including a free demo, check out the official web of the Plugin for After Effects Prores HEVC H.265.

(cover photo credit: snap from Cinemartin Press)

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  1. Be very wary dealing with the company (Cinemartin) behind this plugin.  We purchased (circa $600 USD) their ProRes plugin (Cinemartin Cinec PLIN) for Premiere Pro and After Effects.   It did not work.  We contacted their support team and were told to re-install Windows and all our applications – an endeavour that we balked at given it would take us days. We have never had an application fail to work before.  We asked for a refund immediately but our request was refused.  We argued our case – the firm stuck to their ‘no refund’ policy.  We argued again and they refused to listen.  We’re stuck with an expensive plugin (circa $600 USD) that does not work.  The experience of dealing with Cinemartin has been a huge headache and costly for us.  Would we ever buy from them again?  Never.

  2. TomPeters1 So sorry to hear of your problems.  Suggesting a total reinstall doesn’t sound good to anyone.

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