Masters in Motion Heading To Texas in December: Get There If You Can

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A Zoolander-level (“Ridiculously good-looking”) agenda and set of A-list presenters at Masters in Motion – a three day event for filmmakers coming up in just two weeks — promises inspiration, learning and collaboration pretty well guaranteed to up your game. If only we lived closer to Texas!

Some of us at planet5D know and/or have attended workshops with Shane Hurlbut and Alex Buono, two of the stellar presenters at Masters in Motion (Shane is a renowned DP with Hollywood credits like TERMINATOR SALVATION and NEED FOR SPEED; Alex is the epitome of grace-under-pressure as DP of the Saturday Night Live Film Unit).

On that basis alone, we’d encourage you to go.

But it just gets better:

· Cinematographer Dean Cundey’s film credits include some of my favorite films of all time, from HOOK to JURASSIC PARK and BACK TO THE FUTURE.

· DP Matthew Jensen’s TV credits include some of the biggest series currently in production, from TRUE BLOOD to RAY DONOVAN and GAME OF THRONES.

· Producer Bonnie Courtis’ credits include SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (omg), A.I. and MINORITY REPORT.

This is only a partial list!

Masters in Motion is set to begin December 8th (plan on arriving the evening before, December 7) and runs through December 10th, finishing with a party that night at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Wow. Go if you can.

Masters in Motion

Masters in Motion Event FAQ

The Masters in Motion workshops offer soup to nuts training for filmmakers looking to push themselves, their craft, each other, into new and groundbreaking territories. Get your hands dirty with industry heavyweights, while they teach you all their mind bending, aperture dialating tips, tricks & philosophies on modern filmmaking. This is brass tacks learning, no fuss, no muss.

Q. When will the remaining speakers be announced?

A. All the speakers have been announced and can be found here.

Q. When will you release the full event schedule?

A. The full schedule is now available here.

Q. What is the format of the workshop?

A. Monday and Wednesday will be lecture based at the Alamo Drafthouse. We have chosen dynamic speakers to keep it entertaining as well as educational while also allowing time for Q & A. Tuesday we will have 4 hands on sessions with Matthew Jensen, ASC, Khalid Mohtaseb, Alex Buono and Ryan Conolly at the Omni Hotel.

Q. What can I expect to learn?

A. The goal of this workshop is to go beyond specific cameras and delve into more advanced filmmaking topics such as pre production, lighting, color, etc.

Q. Who should attend the workshop?

A. Masters In Motion is geared towards filmmakers who are ready to take the next step and elevate their productions. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, our line up will have something for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re a documentary, commercial, wedding filmmaker, or even if you’re just doing it out of love, you will leave armed with the knowledge you need to progress.

Q. How many people will attend the workshop?

A. We have 100 seats available. First come, first serve.

See full FAQ List HERE.



Masters in Motion List of Speakers

Masters in Motion List of Speakers


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