Kojicolor Film Emulation DSLR LUTs $79 Special Offer: Get Em While They’re Hot!

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FCPX plug-in maker CrumplePop is offering a $120 discount right now on the Koji DSLR film emulation LUTs designed by Dale Grahn, acclaimed colorist for Steven Spielberg amongst many other Hollywood greats.

That’s $79 off the usual price of $199 for this set of 6 “highly accurate 35mm motion picture film stocks” until the 21st November. Grahn and company created the set of 3D LUTs from scans of somer of the most popular analog movie film stocks.

This special DLSR set includes one monochrome LUT and five color film stock emulations and can be used in a number of NLEs, grading and VFX packages including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, SpeedGrade, DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Smoke and Autodesk Flame as well as, needless to say, Final Cut Pro X.

The LUTs are supplied in two LUT formats – .3dl and .cube – and support a number of contemporary DSLR and DSLM video cameras including the Panasonic GH2, GH3 and GH4, the hacked GH2, Canon C-series and DSLRs with and without Magic Lantern, Blackmagic Design’s video cameras and Son’s FS video cameras.

Specifications, a sample gallery and instructional videos are available at CrumplePop’s Koji DSLR product page.

Check them out and get them while they’re hot!

Use Discount Coupon: KOJI-0120-DSLR-1114

Special Offer Closing Date: 21st November 2014


Koji DSLR film emulation LUTs


Via CrumplePop:

Koji DSLR brings true 35mm film color to your video footage, dramatically improving your image quality. Koji DSLR features color by Dale Grahn, acclaimed film color timer for Steven Spielberg. Works with Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, and more.

Read CrumplePop FAQs HERE

Click HERE to Download Koji DSLR: Film Emulation Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

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Karin Gottschalk

Karin Gottschalk

Karin is a documentary moviemaker, journalist, photographer and teacher who conceived and cofounded an influential, globally-read, Australian magazine of contemporary art, culture and photography. While based in Europe, contributing to the magazine and working in advertising, she visualised a future telling the same sorts of stories with a movie camera and audio recorder. Now back in her home base in Sydney, Karin is pursuing her goal of becoming an independent, one-person, backpack multimedia journalist and documentary moviemaker. Mentorless and un-filmschooled, she is constantly learning and sharpening up her skill set.
Karin Gottschalk


  1. They market their LUTs for DSLRs and they use Magiclantern RAW footage from the 5DIII in their before/after ?
    Sorry but for 200$ you better offer yourself a training session on Davinci Resolve and learn how to grade your H264 footage properly so it doesn’t fall apart due to the lack of information it contains.

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