F&V Introduces Two New Monitors

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Value favorite F&V offers bright, high contrast monitors in 4.3” and 7” versions – but the differences are more than diagonal-deep.

The 4.3” SpectraHD 4 boasts a 1280×720 display and can be mated to their magnifying loupe. It comes with a full set of exposure and focusing aids, and with both HDMI and SDI in and out – along with cross convert (NB: HDMI>SDI only, not the other way around) – it is a versatile piece of kit.

The 7” MeticaFM 7 has the same 400 nits and 800:1 contrast ratio, but trades off lower resolution (1024×600) for size and more options: HDMI only; HDMI+SDI; and an upgrade kit which adds certain features (like falsecolor) already present in the SpectraHD 4.

The SpectraHD 4 and MeticaFM 7 start at $1,099 and $499 (HDMI only) respectively, but can run up to $1,200 for the HD4 with the Loupe kit and $824 for the MeticaFM 7 with HDMI & SDI – and the upgrade kit.

They are available immediately.


F&V SpectraHD 4 and MeticaFM 7 – Overview


SpectraHD 4

This a compact, 4.3” monitor with a 1280x720px display. The SpectraHD 4 has the highest resolution on the market for this form factor. A magnified loupe can be attached to the unit, transforming it into an EVF which is ideal for over the shoulder camera work or when shooting in bright environments. It includes HDMI IN and OUT, SDI IN and OUT, as well as it can cross convert from HDMI to SDI. It features software such as: vectorscope, histogram, false color, zebra pattern, frame guides, and more!

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Spectra Front

Spectra Back


MeticaFM 7

This monitor is a rugged, all aluminum, 7″ monitor with a vibrant 1024 x 600px display. This unit will come in a couple flavors: HDMI and HDMI+SDI. The HDMI model will have both IN and OUT, and the HDMI+SDI model will have both HDMI IN and OUT as well as SDI IN and OUT. The base software has features such as focus peaking, frame guides, and variable scan modes. This monitor will also come in and advanced software version called the “Plus” and will feature additional software features such as: false color, histogram, audio columns, and more!

Check out MeticaFM 7 Products HERE

Metica Front

Metica HDMI Back

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