First Look: Syrp Genie and Magic Carpet Slider

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What’s the first piece of gear many of us get once we decide to add motion to our shots? A slider. What’s the second piece of gear we’d like to get but often can’t afford? A motion controller. Syrp offers moderately priced examples of both, and we’re testing them.

We like the guys at Syrp, a New Zealand startup and maker of the Magic Carpet slider, the Genie motion controller and a pair of variable neutral density filters. Beautifully packaged with really lovely industrial design, their stuff has an emotional appeal that most competitors simply don’t.

We’ve got their Genie and both the short and long track versions of their Magic Carpet slider in-house, and while we continue testing we thought we’d share with you a short piece of test footage to show some of what they can do.

Stay tuned!


Syrp Genie and Magic Carpet Test

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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