First Look at Vimazing: Why Should YouTube and Vimeo Get All the Views?

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There’s a growing recognition that while YouTube and Vimeo are fantastic and have profoundly altered not only the online landscape but TV and movies directly, there is a more targeted set of audience and creators to be courted. Vimazing is the newest offering in this burgeoning category.

What happens when you take the idea of a YouTube or a Vimeo; limit the uploads to those created by dedicated filmmakers; mash it up with feedback (like a; and (eventually) turn that content into a stock footage play a la Shutterstock or Story & Heart?

This was the impetus for Vimazing. It’s early days, but in the month since launching they’ve received tens of thousands of page views along with a rapidly growing number of contributors.

After exploring the site a bit myself, I’m intrigued – at least in part because Vimazing is neither a Silicon Valley nor Silicon Alley company, but instead headquartered in Poland and has what is thus far a heavily Eurocentric flavor. And while film transcends borders, it is always fascinating to pick up on regional differences as well as similarities – it’s what makes the world an endlessly fascinating place.

I like it.

Vimazing – 500px for filmmakers

Via Vimazing Press:

Vimazing is a new social network for filmmakers: camera operators, editors and video lovers. It is a portal for fans of film art, who are able to present their work and rate gathered in one place movies of the best video makers from all around the world.

Nowadays there is more and more phenomenal video productions filmed professionally or by video enthusiasts who shoot with a DSLR. But the big problem of these creative filmmakers is the fact that the results of their work, uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo, are underestimated because they are displayed next to thousands of other films like “mentos + coca cola”, clips with funny animals, corporate videos and commercials.

Vimazing solve this problem. ˝Only Amazing Videos” is the idea of the portal that refers to the popular photo-ranking communities for professional photographers, such as 500px, Pixoto or 1x. Vimazing users can publish their work and make their own film portfolio which give them the opportunity to reach a wider circle of receivers and clients.


Vimazing Press Continued

Use of this website is very simple. All you need to do is to create a free account, paste a link to clip which already exists in the network and assign it to the appropriate category. Users of Vimazing are also able to evaluate all videos of other users, which are grouped into categories and rankings, or find out what equipment was used to film them. Here are some examples: “Show me top rated videos from the past month in the category Timelapse”, “Apply search filter showing films made in your region” or “Contact the creator whose work has made an impression on you and establish the eventual cooperation.”

The important thing is that this site is not a competition for Vimeo or Youtube, but some kind of “supplement”. Vimazing founders realize that competing with market leaders would be doomed to failure.

Creators of the project started their work in November 2013. They are passionate about visual arts and their mission is to make it possible for a wider audience to see more fantastically executed videos. It is worth mentioning that Vimazing is not sponsored by any commercial brand, which guarantees its absolute independence from any influence or pressure forms on the presented content.

Check out their site at


(cover photo credit: snap from Vimazing Press)

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

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  1. Dang, I was actually hoping for a different delivery/hosting video platform other than YouTube or Vimeo. I’m so frustrated with the shortcomings of Vimeo and the hyper-commercialized YouTube. It’s sad that the creators thought they would be “doomed” if they created a video hosting site to compete with them. I think there’s a lot of filmmakers that would like to show their 4K films someplace other that YouTube, and undoubtably this market will skyrocket over the next 2 years. There’s no telling when Vimeo will finally catch up to 2013 and host 4K.

  2. Thanks for posting this! It’s neat that you can directly link through Vimeo or YouTube, that way I don’t have to bother with re-uploading everything and digging out HDD’s

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