5D Mk IV

Canon 5D Mk IV Rumor Update: February 2015 Launch?

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Credit to Keith Cooper of Northlight Images, who writes about his rumors site (and source of the most recent rumor we’ve seen that a 5D Mk IV will be announced in February) “…remember that [the rumours are] here for entertainment rather than serious buying research. If I waited until we were absolutely sure about a comment or rumour, the pages would be a series of product announcements and not much more. I hope you enjoy them ;-)”

Feh. Not so much (no knock on Keith, and yes, I know I’m really using “feh” entirely too often these days but it just seems to…fit.).

I don’t mean to spoil the party, but Canon rumors just don’t interest me the way they once did. Their playbook is now pretty clear when it comes to video features: put the juicy stuff in the high priced, high margin Cinema EOS line (fair enough); put enough video into the high volume, lower margin Rebel line (the XXXD and XXXD series outside of the U.S.) to encourage the pikers to move up over time (also fair enough); and cede the middle ground to mirrorless vendors Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, and Fuji.

And the simple fact is that there really ARE so many other great cameras out there – both still and hybrid – which outpoint Canons at those middle price points that it’s less about the equipment now than it ever has been.

Instead, it’s about skill, discipline and imagination.

Unless, of course, you want incredible optics at just-under incredible prices: Canon still pretty much rules  — but the heat is on even there!

EOS 5D Mk IV Rumor

5D Mk IV


Via Northlight Images:

In a dealer sourced rumour [thanks], we're again told that the 5D mk4 is due for launch at the start of February (in time for CP+ 12th-15th) along with ‘another Canon Pro DSLR' around the same time.

I'd note that Canon tends to only launch one major camera at a time, and if there is to be a high end DSLR, such as a 1D X mk2, I'd have thought it would be announced before a 5D4?

Perhaps time for the EOS 3D again? (one of our longest running rumours 😉

Check out the full list of 5D Mk IV camera rumours at Northlight Images “5D Mk4 camera rumours – latest News”

Note: it is our policy to give credit as well as deserved traffic to our news sources – so we don't repost the entire article – sorry, I know you want the juicy bits, but I feel it is only fair that their site get the traffic and besides, you just might make a new friend and find an advertiser that has something you've never seen before

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