Canon 5D Mk III and Magic Lantern RAW Strike Again in Short “Paris La Nuit”

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Paris La Nuit is a cool concept commissioned by Adidas Outdoor: bring renowned rock climbers to Paris at night and film them climbing nearby formations reminiscent of specific Parisian landmarks. That it was done on a Canon 5D Mk III shows once again what can be coaxed out of the camera with the right hacks and people to take advantage of them.

Shot entirely on the 5D3 with Magic Lantern RAW (except for the slow motion shots, which were done on a Sony FS 700), the team over at Sandstones Media used Ginger HDR and Neat video for post.


adidas Outdoor | Paris La Nuit

Message from Clement Perotti:

Hello, I wanted to let you know that Adidas Outdoor just released our last project, Paris La Nuit.

It has been shot in Paris and Fontainebleau forest entirely on a Canon 5D MkIII with Magic Lantern RAW (except for the slo-mo shots : Sony FS 700)

The extra stops of sensitivity helped a lot, but the key element for us has been the ability to adjust the color in post. City lights give an impossible yellow cast that wasn't desirable for all our shots.

For post processing, we used Ginger HDR plugin and Neat video, on Adobe Premiere. Easiest workflow, perfect for small structure as ours (Sandstones Media).

Here's a link to it :

Hope you'll enjoy,

Clément Perotti,
Sandstones Media.


Via Youtube Description:

Sandstones Media Productions brought Mayan Smith Gobat NZL, Ben Rueck USA, Melissa LeNeve FRA, Shauna Coxsey UK, Klemen Becan SLO, Gigi Glairon Mondet FRA, Mel Sandoz FRA to Paris to film for their project “Paris – La Nuit”. The film features the french capital`s world reknowned sights in close relation with amazing bouldering scenes from the area around Fountainbleau.


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Some great bouldering sequences here, but you failed to pull together the relationship to the rest of the famous environment. You left me in the dark… so-to-speak.

  2. Charles O Slavens Hah!  The relationships show up in the credits, oui?

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