4K Camera Test -See how the latest cameras all compare to one another

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There are a lot of camera tests available online and it is hard to always find the cameras you want compared to the cameras you are interested in seeing.  If you are like me you are a little skeptical as to how much you can really gain from watching a variety of random camera test online. We ran across this series that approached testing cameras in a somewhat interesting way- they tested 12 of the latest cameras, release a video of clips shot with all 12 cameras and let people judge what camera produced what image. Then they released the answers in a followup video and some other tests yet in later follow up videos.  There are 5 parts to this test and you can pick one or more that you are most interested in.  This may help you just cut to the information you want without spending hours looking at clip after clip around the web.

What intrigued me about this camera test is that the results were very short and to the point. You got a chance to look at a finished and graded clip from each camera. Some complain that by grading and adding any film grain it renders the test not usable.

I beg to differ.

Everything I shoot goes through a grade and possible grain addition to create the final look – no one ever sees the footage straight from my camera. All I really care about is making the final image look the way I want. This series of tests allowed me to see most of the latest cameras and see how they look in the end and showed me in a very short period of time.

Here is a list of the cameras they used in the test:

Arri Alexa XT – EBH
Red Dragon – Miracle Worker Sp. Z o. o.
Red Epic – Horizon Films
Sony F55 – Fixa Film
C500 & 1D C – Canon Polska
Sony FS700 – Film Cyfrowy Rent
Blackmagic 4K – Szymon Lenkowski
Blackmagic Pocket – EBH
Kineraw Mini – Prolite
Lumix GH4 – Panasonic Polska
Canon 5D Mark III – OmProduction

Comprehensive Camera Test

Again this is not a specs test or any controlled environment. If you don't find that useful then you can skip watching the videos. If not spend a few minutes and get up to speed on what cameras you might want to buy to rent for your next production.

Part 1: The Riddle?

A series of clips for you to look at and make a judgement before you know what camera shot that clip.

Part 2: The Answer

Which cameras where each clip shot on.

Part 3: The Day

Settings and ungraded footage out of the camera. See what they looked like before post.

Part 4: The Comment

Listen to the colorist give his thoughts on the cameras.

Part 5: The Night

See how well the cameras performed in super low light.

What do you think? Any cameras surprise you? Any cameras perform worse than you expected? What is the camera you most want to use on your next shoot? Let us know.

Happy Shooting!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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