With a Name Like Dactylcam, It’s Got to be Good

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Feisty 3 axis gimbal maker DEFY announces line-based camera rigging system Dactylcam with 1200’ span and speeds up to 40 mph.

It’s not just the gimbal and drone markets that are heating up – it’s the entire world of cinematic motion.

If you want to see snappy dialogue, tremendous on-screen chemistry, humor, and social commentary on income inequality, you need look no further than 1940 Academy Award winner THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, starring Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart.

But if you want to see how far dynamic camera movement has come, start there, too (sure, you can go back another 15 years to something like BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN with its groundbreaking steps scene, but I just watched PHILADELPHIA STORY last night and was reminded once again why it’s one of Hollywood’s Golden Era greats, so let’s just go with the flow).

Then fast forward to something au currant like NEED FOR SPEED.

NOW wander over to DEFY’s web site and check out their Dactylcam, and come to grips with the fact that truly just about any kind of camera movement available to Hollywood is now available to anyone motivated enough to take the plunge.

We haven’t seen the Dactylcam in the aluminum yet, but on first blush it looks like another industrial strength, relatively value-priced piece of gear by a company which prides itself on being built by cinematographers for cinematographers.

Prices range from $7,950 for the Dactylcam system with all its component pieces to $11,950 for the Dactylcam plus their top-of-the-line DEFY G12 3-axis gimbal (they have two other gimbals, the G5 and G2, with prices beginning at $2,600).

But you don’t have to buy a DEFY gimbal to use the Dactylcam: in theory, all that separates you with your MoVI or other gimbal from the Dactylcam are four thumb screws and the appropriate credit card.

Learn more at www.defywithus.com.

About DEFY Dactylcam

“The Dactylcam is our premium, production quality line-based camera rigging system that allows you to capture every item on your shot list. DEFY Utilizes the highest quality materials, our system is capable of holding a 40lbs+ payload at speeds up to 40+mph over a 1200ft span (available upon request), giving you the freedom to create the movement your production demands. Single or multi-user operation combined with portability and lightweight design allow rapid set up times giving you the time to concentrate on what you really want, a great shot.”

  • Adaptable to multiple gimbal platforms
  • Dactylcam line-rig system for cable cam stabilization
  • Up to 50 lbs payload – depending on tension of your line
  • Two-piece packable aluminum sled
  • Quick hook asymmetrical design
  • Easy quick release and attachment to line
  • Custom designed and wether-sealed motor
  • Adjustable drive wheel for smoothest operation
  • Speeds up to 40 mph
  • Self-leveling and Dampening Camera Swing
  • Pelican Case with custom cut foam
  • Technical support via phone and email

Learn more about the DEFY Dactylcam.

DEFY Dactylcam Image 1

DEFY Dactylcam Image 3

DEFY Dactylcam Image 1

Announcing DEFY Dactylcam

Via DEFY Press:

The DEFY team has been working on some exciting innovations in our shop. We are always looking to expand and push the limits in our own productions, which always leaves us dreaming up the next product we need to add. If you love moving the camera in creative ways you will love our new product line. We are excited to announce the new DEFY Dactylcam. The Dactylcam is a camera cable system that allows the most imaginative shots from a single line giving the operator the ability to travel up to 1200′ and speeds up to 40 mph. With the Dactylcam, moves that once seemed impossible are now easily attainable; like gliding through the forest, chasing drag cars on a race track, or getting a front row seat above the crowd at any event.

We have been on location working with many major production shoots, such as Oakley, Giant Bike, Polaris, MTV and Vail Resorts to dial in the performance of the Dactylcam with our gimbal systems. The Dactylcam fits perfectly with the DEFY G2, G5 and G12. The system also plays nice with any other gimbal you might already own.

The Dactylcam is quick and easy to assemble and, not to mention, it can be used as a one man operation. Our design will have you shooting in minutes. It only takes 4 thumbscrews to quickly interchange from the Dactylcam to your handheld gimbal, for optimal run and gun shooting.

The DEFY gimbal line has inspired thousands of filmmakers around the world to think differently about how they move a camera “without breaking the bank”. Upholding to the highest production standards, the Dactylcam is a rugged, precision-machined addition to your kit and as always we are offering it at a price you can afford. The Dactylcam ships in three weeks from time of purchase. Now it’s time to open the next chapter with the DEFY Dactylcam

DEFY DACTYLCAM : Official Announcement

DEFY DACTYLCAM : What You've Been Waiting For

(cover photo credit: snap from DEFY)

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