What Will You Miss if you Choose the Wrong Camera for the Job?

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When people ask me about what camera to buy I start by asking them what they will be shooting before I can answer the question. I feel there are so many good cameras that one could use and that there are several cameras that would work for any given job.

There are jobs I want a smaller DSLR camera. There are jobs where I want a documentary style camera where I can let the cameras roll to capture the “moment.” And there are times I want a cinematic camera with the best latitude and image quality.

Here is a great example of a shot that if you had the wrong camera you would have missed the “moment.”  Can you imagine if you weren't able to fully capture this moment?

This is an unbelievable video if you haven't yet seen this. I cannot imagine what it would be been like to witness this in person but I guarantee this won't be a “moment” they won't soon forget.

“CHASING ICE” captures largest glacier calving ever filmed – OFFICIAL VIDEO

Via Youtube Description:

On May 28, 2008, Adam LeWinter and Director Jeff Orlowski filmed a historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland. The calving event lasted for 75 minutes and the glacier retreated a full mile across a calving face three miles wide. The height of the ice is about 3,000 feet, 300-400 feet above water and the rest below water.

Chasing Ice won the award for Excellence in Cinematography at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and the Best Documentary from the International Press Association. It has won over 30 awards at festivals worldwide. Still playing in theaters worldwide.


“CHASING ICE” is NOMINATED for an Academy Award: Best Original Song
“Before My Time” by J. Ralph featuring Scarlett Johansson and Joshua Bell.

Hear the song:

And watch the TRAILER:

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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