Suggestion of Motion Begins Series on Setting Up Your Panasonic GH4 for Video

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When popular photography site DPReview finally published its long-awaited in-depth review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 they rated the versatile stills/video hybrid at 85%. What such reviews cannot do is show you how to set up the GH4 to get the best out of its video capability, or for that matter its still features too. Sol Marchessault of GH4 specialist blog Suggestion of Motion has taken on that duty and he is doing a good job of it so far.

There is no doubt the GH4 is a fine video camera that gives camcorders costing ten times its price a real run for the money. Moviemakers who gave up on the HDSLR revolution after the stagnation seen in the Big Two's offerings in recent years have bought into the GH4 world big time. I wonder if that accounts for how rare-to-impossible-to-find batteries for the GH4 are right now?

The camera's attraction has increased again with the release of top notch prime optics like those from Voigtlander, Kowa, SLR Magic, the Mitakon brand by Zhong Yi Optics and soon, more zoom lenses in Olympus' professional quality M.Zuiko Pro range .

Attractiveness aside, as Sol Marchessault rightly puts it , “the GH4 is the camera of your dreams” but “if you don't know where to start, it's your worst nightmare.” When I knew I would be ordering one for myself, I read every bit of info I could find online, watched every video and bought ebooks. All had gaps in their coverage. Dreams might have morphed into nightmare.

I am hoping for good things from Mr Marchessault and based on his previous writings about the camera, I suspect my hopes will be rewarded. Configuring the Panasonic GH4 for Video Production is the first installment in a series. Mr Marchessault's writing is clear and concise so these articles should be useful to many new and not-so-new GH4 owners.

Configuring the Panasonic GH4 for Video Production

Configuring the Panasonic GH4

Via Suggestion of Motion:

When you consider the selection of file formats, resolutions, frame rates, the number of possible combinations is staggering– and we haven’t even touched picture styles yet, each of which has a bevy of adjustable parameters.

If you know what you want (and how to do it), the GH4 is the camera of your dreams. If you don’t know where to start, it’s your worst nightmare.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of these options, don’t worry. This series on configuring the GH4 for video will help you make sense of the GH4’s options and get the camera set up properly with straightforward guides on everything from baseline camera settings, to making the most of the GH4’s function buttons, to creating custom user profiles to eliminate downtime on your shoot.

Read the full overview article at Suggestion of Motion “Configuring the Panasonic GH4 for Video Production”

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Karin Gottschalk

Karin Gottschalk

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