Rhino GoPro Accessories: 360 Swivel & Poles for GoPro Camera

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I have a love hate relationship with GoPro cameras. I love what GoPro is doing and how they are pushing the boundries of what can be captured in terms of video.

However, I have been a critic for many reasons as well. I have be advocating for years now for GoPro to release a camera that is a truly interchangeable lens mount system to make the camera more easily adaptable to a multi-camera workflow. Also I feel the GoPro footage is usually easily spotted when mixed with other video camera footage.

With the above said another reason I can spot GoPro footage is early on all GoPro's were mounted with fixed mounts. They were also usually placed with a point of view that we weren't used to seeing- such as what is looks like for a skier to look off the edge of the mountain before they drop and start their run. This is great for establishing shots but once the run starts in filmmaking terms that static POV looses its impact.

This is where Rhino GoPro Accessories are helping change this sector of mini-camera filmmaking. Since we are limited with our lens choices and how to mount and move the camera in these extreme or harsh environments they are giving us new ways to move and mount the cameras that make the final footage more usable for filmmakers.

When making films – whether short films, feature films, documentaries etc many times we want to see the people we are talking about and not just see what they are seeing. Check out Rhino's new 360 Swivel and Poles for GoPro cameras.

What is awesome about the accessories is the fact that they are helping to change exactly where and how GoPro cameras are used.

The 360 Swivel is currently on Kickstarter and if you watch the video you will be amazed at the footage you can capture. You can see the amazing views that the subjects you are filming see but also see the people doing the amazing activities. This is a tool that would help me choose to shoot more with a GoPro as I find this footage to be very usable and compelling in ways I have not seen in the past.

I also love that they thought about safety and allow a release system if the athlete (or talent) gets into a situation where they fall or get caught on something. The last thing I want to do is add risk for anyone I am filming.

Also a key for me in buying any gear is the ability to use it for multiple cameras and/or uses. In this case I can get the 360 Swivel for one type of shot, remove an arm and shoot another shot and can even use it as a simple arm for a simple POV angle of the talent that doesn't distort their face.

This is truly micro filmmaking and I believe this is our future. Cameras will continue to get smaller and cheaper. What we can do with those cameras, where we can hide or attach them will continue to evolve.

This is an unbelievable time for anyone wanting to shoot video and create stories as there has never been more opportunities or tools to explore. For under $1000 you can buy a couple GoPros, accessories and mounts and you can shoot anywhere, anytime. Pretty impressive.

Check out Rhino's new accessories and back their Kickstarter campaign if you want to lock in a discounted rate on your new equipment. Happy shooting.

Rhino GoPro Accessories: 360 Swivel & Poles for GoPro Camera

Via Kickstarter:

Rhino 360 Swivel Mount

Rhino GoPro Accessories - Rhino 360 Swivel Mount

Capture 360º video when you attach the Rhino 360 Swivel Mount to your helmet. Simply attach the Rhino Pole EXT’s to each end of the 360 Swivel Mount and use your GoPro and the included counterweight to achieve stunning 360º footage.

Secure the entire assembly to your helmet and it will spin around effortlessly.

Rhino Magnet Mount

We also designed the Magnet Mount, a simple, yet powerful, magnetic quick release for the 360 Swivel Mount. It is designed to break away when excessive force is applied.

Simply mount the included curved base to your helmet using the adhesive pad. Then snap in the 360 Swivel Mount to start filming.

Rhino GoPro Accessories - Rhino Magnet Mount

Rhino Pole EXT

The Rhino Pole EXT in an extendable, carbon fiber GoPro pole that expands from 18 inches to 32 inches with a simple twist.

The Rhino Pole EXT is built to be modular and go from being a hand-help pole, to a helmet-mounted extension pole, to part of the Rhino 360 Swivel Mount system. It’s extremely versatile, very durable, and is the only GoPro pole you’ll need to capture amazing footage.

We decided to make this pole 2 sections and 32” long because it is much quicker to deploy and infinitely stronger than what is available on the market. In our testing 32” was the max length most filmers needed to capture incredible footage.

Rhino GoPro Accessories - Rhino Pole EXT

Rhino Pole

The Rhino Pole, or as it’s known around our headquarters: “The Selfie Stick”, is a fixed, 20 inch, carbon fiber POV pole which is perfect for basic hand-held shots. It’s really affordable, and can be used anywhere from hiking, snowboarding, or just playing with your kids at the beach.

Note: The Rhino Pole is NOT compatible with the Swivel Mount.

Rhino GoPro Accessories - Rhino Pole

In Action

Our GoPro accessories are for everyone and every activity. Wether you’re biking, hiking, surfing, skating, kite boarding, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, racing, diving, sky-diving, wing-suit jumping or dropping from outer space, we’ve built incredibly light and incredibly tough gear that will help you capture absolutely stunning GoPro footage and create professional looking GoPro videos with unique angles and motion.

Rhino GoPro Accessories in action 4

Rhino GoPro Accessories in action 3

Rhino GoPro Accessories in action 2

Rhino GoPro Accessories in action 1

Visit their Kickstarter Campaign “Rhino GoPro Accessories: 360 Swivel & Poles for GoPro Camera”

(cover photo credit: snap Kickstarter)

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