Legendary German Director of Photography Dedo Weigert to Teach Lighting in LA Early November

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Not only is Germany's Dedo Weigert a respected Director of Photography, he is also a lighting solutions inventor and manufacturer with his own brand Dedolight. Now he is coming to Los Angeles on the 8th and 9th November to teach free seminars in movie lighting. And show off his company's products in the process.

Topics to be covered include LED light sources, lighting output and color analysis. spectrum analysis via Color Rendering Index (CRI) and the Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI). The understanding and use of TLCI in particular is essential to ensure accurate color reproduction under LED movie and TV studio lighting.

Herr Weigert will also introduce new LED lighting gear for one-person or small crews as well as for lighting big studios. His New Tools for the Smallest Teams workshop features a live lighting demonstration and videos using different lighting solutions and situations.

The concluding event of the day will be a location lighting competition where attendees are invited to light solo or with a crew in several rounds of three teams (or solo) each. The winner will earn a choice of prizes valued up to US$1500.

The seminars will commence at 9:30am and end at 7:30pm with lunch provided. To book or obtain further information go to www.luminyscorp.com/lighting-event/. The location is Luminsys Systems Corporation in North Hollywood.

If you cannot make it LA for the seminars you may wish to watch movies at Dedolight's YouTube channel. I have used and own Dedolight products and highly recommend them.

Full-Day Lighting Event with Dedo Weigert

Register by November 3rd for FREE participation: [email protected]

Venue: dedolight showroom/ rental
Luminys Systems Corp.
11961 Sherman Rd.
North Hollywood, CA 91605 – USA

Register HERE


About Dedolight by Dedo Weigert

Via Dedolight:

The Dedolight and its unique system was conceived and designed by Director of Photography Dedo Weigert of Munich, Germany. The project was initially undertaken to fill his own exacting requirement for a powerful yet highly controllable light source which would occupy a minimum amount of space, draw a minimum amount of electricity and produce unprecedented light quality. The result of Dedo's efforts is a comprehensive lighting system offering unique advantages to lighting professionals in many disciplines:

  • Ultra compact size
  • Light output equal to much larger sources
  • Precision lighting with uncanny beam and stray light control
  • Extraordinarily even light distribution
  • Excellent reach
  • Precise color temperature control
  • Variety of projection attachments and accessories
  • Versatile mounting accessories
  • Variety of power options
  • Very low projected heat
  • Rugged construction

So immediate and profound was the impact of this new system on cinematography, that in less than 3 years, the Dedolight went from an idea in the mind of one creative director of photography in Germany, to a Technical Achievement Award given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the U.S. In just a few years, the Dedolight had established itself as a significant creative contributor to a long list of motion pictures by top Hollywood professionals.

Today, the Dedolight continues to build upon its long list of credits in film, television and still photography and continues to build upon its extensive range of luminaires and system accessories. The unique control capabilities of Dedolight, along with its low projected heat and minimal current draw, also make the Dedolight the ideal choice to light the world's finest galleries, museums, and architectural sites.

Learn more about Dedolight

(cover photo credit: snap from the Luminys Systems Corp.)

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