Kessler Second Shooter: “Motion Control for the Masses”

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Highly regarded Kessler Crane figures out how to deliver value versions of its motion control product suite with its Kessler Second Shooter.

The Motion Control page on Kessler’s site really says it all. It displays three different product families:

· elektraDRIVE (analog);
· Second Shooter (digital); and
· CineDrive (digital)

Let’s hold aside elektraDRIVE for the moment and concentrate on the two digital motion control systems.

Here’s the first line describing the CineDrive, which starts at $2,199.95:

Kessler CineDrive is a revolutionary multi-axis camera motion control system that puts the emphasis on filmmaker creativity.”

And here’s the first line describing their brand new Second Shooter, which starts at $699.95:

Second Shooter™ is a revolutionary motion control system that boasts a sleek and compact design, feature-rich operation and an incredibly intuitive user interface.”

If you read further on in the site, you learn that Second Shooter offers 3 axis control: “Each unit is capable of controlling up to 3 axes: Slide, Pan & Tilt.”

Are Second Shooter and CineDrive the same thing? No. Do they both come from Kessler, with Kessler quality and experience? Sure do.

It looks like their first run – Batch #1 Pre-Orders – has already sold out, but Kessler says their next batch will become available later this month, October 29th.

Visit their web site to learn more.

Kessler Second Shooter Features

Kessler SEcond Shooter Image 1

3-Axis Control
Each unit is capable of controlling up to 3 axes: Slide, Pan & Tilt.

3 Speed/Torque Options
Easily switch the motor speed/torque (power) for the Slider motor via the quick-change pulley system. (3 options for CineSlider, Philip Bloom and Stealth) (2 options for Pocket Dolly v2.0, Shuttle Pod & Shuttle Pod Mini)

Kessler SEcond Shooter Image 2

Keyframeable Positions
Since Second Shooter is a digital system (like CineDrive), all you need to do is mark your keyframes. There is no need to record your move.

Built-in Intervalometer
Trigger your camera in time-lapse or stop-motion modes with the built-in intervalometer located on the controller.

Kessler SEcond Shooter Image 3

Built-in Flashlight
Easily turn an LED light on at anytime.

CANbus Connection
A CANbus connection is provided for future expansion or add-on devices (ex: more axes, i/o ports, joystick controller, etc.)

Kessler SEcond Shooter Image 4

Compact Design
Second Shooter's small footprint allows it to fit nicely into existing camera bags and eliminates the need for additional cases. Separate the Pan from the Tilt axis to use independently or for easier travel. Every piece is modular.

Learn more about Kessler Second Shooter

Second Shooter

(cover photo credit: snap from Kessler)

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