How Lighting and Filtration Can Help You Get the Film Look

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OK here is a simple video that packs a lot of good lessons for everyone into a short timeframe.

Here is the rundown for the things you should pay attention to when watching.

– Just how good the Canon 5D Mark III footage looks when using Magic Lantern RAW video.
– How having a unique aspect ratio can really help your video stand out.
– How where you place lights affects not only the look but also how you emotionally feel when viewing the video
– Filtration really helps your footage look more cinematic
– Different lenses can dramatically change the character of your footage.

This short video is worth watching more than once. My personal favorite lighting setup is either backlight only or the Key (Heavily diffused) with backlight. What is your favorite lighting setup?

Happy shooting!

Getting a Film look from a DSLR: Lighting & Lens Filtration tests


Via Vimeo Description:

When it comes to the “film look”…
Resolution is good.
Sharpness is bad.
Filtration is good
Cropmarks doesn't give you an “anamorphic look” – Nothing beats real anamorphic.
Lens filtration is good, but nothing compared to lenses with “character”.

Camera: Canon 5DMk3 (ML RAW)
Lens: Canon 100L, Dog Schidt Optiks FF58mm + Anamorphot 1.33x 50
Filters: Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4, Tiffen Black Diffusion 1, Tiffen Smoque 2
Light Sources: ARRI 650W (key light), Aputure LED Video Light (back light)
Diffusion: White Bed Sheet, White Shower Curtain, Black Correx Board
Graded in Resolve with Impulz LUT (Tetrachrome 400 CIN + Cineon to Kodak 2383 FPE (D60))

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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