Camera Drones Banned? Try RodCam!

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With moves afoot in some countries to ban the use of Go Pro-toting drones after some spectacular accidents in public places, what better time than now to introduce a safe and affordable alternative? Michael Georgens of Aachen, Germany, has done exactly that with his RodCam, recently demoed at IBC 2014.

Based on the good old fibreglass fishing rod, Herr Georgens’ RodCam is not likely to put any national aviation authority noses out of joint or raise calls for new laws to regulate or ban its use. Fly-fisher folk and long-rod beach fishers seem to have escaped regulation despite the risk of flying hooks and poking tips so a Go Pro bouncing on a curvy stick should be considered safe enough.

RodCam inventor and operator-for-hire Goergens has already field-tested his invention in nature films, documentaries, event coverage, journalism and television productions. The 7-meter-long, folding, parabolic, portable RodCam will be available soon for purchase. Check out the website at and place your name on the list.

The RodCam will no doubt start evolving rapidly and soon. Will there be a telescopic version? Perhaps with a slow retraction for a kind of ‘Ken Burns’ effect? A rotator module at the top of the rod could be useful too, for panning across the scene.

In summary, the RodCam looks like an ingenious Go Pro solution less likely to get up the authorities' noses than some others out there.

RodCam at IBC 2014 with BeTerrific

The RodCam is a handheld camera crane for smooth and dynamic camera movements


Based on a fishing-rod with a hanging pendulum, you can carry it as easy as that. The stabilized camera reaches into the center of action and the foldable rod system allows you to simply walk wherever you want to go. You move light-footed in crowded areas and get close to distant creatures.


With its parabolic shape the RodCam hovers behind objects and even dives into gaps.

Standard operation length: 7m
Travel weight: 4 kg (including camera)
Camera: GoPro

Field-tested: Indie film / tv production / documentary / journalism / sports / event / nature film

Learn more about the RodCam HERE

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Karin Gottschalk

Karin Gottschalk

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