Awesome DIY Slow Motion Video Explosions at 1200 fps

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Higher frame rates for slow motion video I believe are the next race for camera manufacturers to add to their cameras. For years we have been asking for 60p in 1080 and we are starting to get that on many cameras. Now we are pushing for 100-200 FPS on our next cameras and manufacturers are listening.

How about 1200fps? Casio has the EX-F1 camera (editor note: which is no longer on the market) that can shoot 1200fps. Granted it is at a resolution of 336 x 96 (512 x 384 resolution at 300 fps, 432 x 192 resolution at 600 fps and 336 x 96 at 1200 fps.)

The camera does shoot 60fps at full 1080p.

This is an interesting camera for users who might want to get started shooting super slow motion at an affordable price point. Unless you are exporting movies for viewing on a cell phone I doubt anyone will find much commercial use for this camera shooting super slow motion.

Can you think of any use for shooting slow motion video with this cool camera?

Our thanks to Joey Shanks for sending this in (we've shown several of his projects just because they're cool!)

DIY Slow-Motion | Shanks FX | PBS Digital Studios

Here's also a great behind-the-scenes of Joey showing how and why he does what he does!

Notice how he mentioned the “HDSLR Revolution” — it has changed so many people's lives!

Via Youtube Description:

Why do the people with the high speed Phantom camera get to have all the fun?!

I rented the Casio EX-F1 for a week, it was a 100 bucks, and here is the footage I captured at 300, 600, and 1200 frames per second.

This isn't a production level Slo-Mo camera but it's a great learning tool for capturing really cool slow motion.

Anyone want to rent me a Phantom for the weekend ? !!!

Please don't try this at home, take the risk out and just enjoy the video.

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