Anura: Pocket Drone for the Masses on Kickstarter

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Karl Marx wasn’t thinking about the Anura pocket drone when he penned Das Kapital and waxed poetic about the means of production, but hey: it’s kind of cool. And maybe a little creepy.

I’m not sure whether to be excited or mortified, but clearly the Anura pocket drone represents some kind of watershed moment in the development of human civilization.

OK, maybe not quite.

The team over at Aericam is $43,669 toward its goal of raising $100,000 (56 days to go as of the time of this writing) for a micro drone that literally fits in your pocket – and includes not just the drone, but an on-board camera; wi-fi; and a pretty nifty looking app that allows you to control it all from your smartphone or tablet.

With a retail price of $275 when Aericam projects it will begins shipping next April, the Anura could become the Cessna 150 of the drone world.

But inquiring minds want to know: how would YOU use a micro drone? Sound off below!

What is Anura?

Via Anura Press:

The Anura is AeriCam’s game changer for the drone consumer market. Anura is a mini drone that's designed to fit in pants or shirt pockets, with all sensitive parts protected. Your smart phone is the only thing you need to operate the Anura.

The Anura is the first drone in the consumer market to travel with the user 24/7, whenever and wherever. This allowing users to never miss a moment; capturing aerial photo and video. It is user friendly, so one can simply enjoy the thrill and freedom of flying.

The Anura was designed to inspire people who are interested in flight, photography, videography, or just to entertain. Anura is controlled via Wi-Fi to your smart phone (IOS/Android), and through the App. You can fully control the aircraft's direction. Anura features a micro camera and the view of the camera is streamed through Wi-Fi to your smart phone; which allows you to capture the exact photo and video from the App. Anura also features functions such as auto take off, auto land, return home, and follow the phone; which makes it one of the most powerful and versatile mini drone of its class.

AeriCam is a San Francisco based company established for developing aerial cinematography solutions. The company has designed drones and camera equipment for six years, and combines a strong technical expertise with a long history of delivering professional and reliable equipment. The Anura is AeriCam’s first consumer product, but you can be certain it will share the same traits as their professional line.

Anura will be available for pre-order through Kickstarter on October, 15 2014 for around $195 and you can check updates and product launch information on

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Anura: The Beginning of the Drone Era for the Masses

Via Kickstarter:

There’s always that moment—-a lunch break on a beautiful afternoon, a gorgeous sky while you’re waiting for a friend, a clear, ochre day in autumn when the leaves are turning—and you know the aerial footage would be beyond compare.

And you say to yourself “I wish I had a drone with me.”

Anura is the perfect solution for this problem. A Micro Drone slightly larger than an iPhone, it travels conveniently with the user wherever, whenever, 24/7. Best of all, it requires only smart phone (IOS/ANDROID) to control and preview images.

Like streaming aerial footage? You’ll love the portability, convenience, simplicity and low price of the Anura.

Anura Features

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Learn more about Anura at their Kickstarter campaign page

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