14 Hours Left: apertus° Axiom and Magic Lantern Join Forces on Indiegogo

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With less than 24 hours left, the apertus° Axiom project smashes through its €100,000 goal with the help of the Magic Lantern community to bring the first free software and open hardware digital cinema camera to market.  You can help!

Back on September 17th, we wrote a post about the apertus° Axiom.  It began:

“What happens when you mash up the community ethos and competence of a Magic Lantern with the scrappy capitalism of a Blackmagic and the modularity espoused by a RED? Maybe – just maybe – you get Apertus and their crowd-funded, open source cinema camera, the Axiom.”

We loved their philosophy, their objectives and their Indiegogo video pitch.

Two weeks later, we received an email from Sebastian Pichelhofer, the apertus° association Chairman and apertus° Axiom Lead Product Manager which began with: “…you were a fortune teller.  We teamed up with…Magic Lantern…”

And so they did: the guys and gals of Magic Lantern put out the call to support the Axiom project on Indiegogo, and here we are a week or so later and just 14 hours before the campaign ends, with the project sitting at 137% of their goal.

With the incremental funding already in hand, they’ve committed to research and develop:

  • A remote control for the camera with “real buttons and knobs;”
  • An active Canon EF mount; and
  • An active battery mount

We are completely psyched for them – and encourage you to head over to their campaign to be part of it while you can.

If they reach 150,000, the team promises to “research and develop a method to stream and record real time 4K RAW video from the AXIOM Beta to a PC.”


To Sebastian and the rest of the community: major congrats – and go get ‘em!

From Sebastian at Apertus:

With your article you were a fortune teller: blog.planet5d.com/2014/09/magic-lantern-blackmagic-red-apertus-axiom/

We teamed up with the Magic Lantern team to bring open source film making to the next level.

One can imagine what force they will be able to unleash with a hardware that they don't need to decipher, reverse engineer and decrypt…

apertus° AXIOM Beta Crowd Funding Pitch

From A1ex at ML Forum:

Now I think it's time for the ML community to jump in.

So far, 3 developers have expressed their interest in Axiom (g3gg0, baldand and me), so I think it's time to ask ML users – will you help us buy a few Axiom BETAs?

Check out their Indiegogo campaign “AXIOM Beta: The First Open Digital Cinema Camera”

(cover photo credit: snap from Indiegogo)

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

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