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I did an earlier post on the new season of Project Greenlight.  This post this fun for me because my longtime director of photography, Julien Lassuer, has a film in the final top 20.

Julien was the DP on's Incident on Marmont Avenue and is close personal friend. His film is called Captain Torpedo and is worth a watch. After you are done please vote if you like it – every vote counts at this point.  Voting ends this week so there isn't much time to act.

What was great about Captain Torpedo (besides it is clever, funny and looks beautiful) is it was only submitted because Julien's girlfriend told him to submit it. As luck would have it, it now stands in the final 20 films.

Captain Torpedo image

Please take a few minutes to watch and vote. If Captain Torpedo goes through we will have Julien on the podcast as well as a blog post or about his continued journey through Project Greenlight 2014.

You can check out the film here (note that all the submissions are less than 3 minutes in total length so watching the films doesn't take up too much time.) I want to encourage anyone who has interest to check out the films and vote. I voted for Julien and hope he makes the next round of cuts. If so I will be doing a feature on the next phase that will see him direct a scene from a pre-determined script for the finals.

Happy Shooting.

Julien Lasseur Top 20 Project Greenlight Bio (2014)


You can follow Julien's progress here!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Strange.. on my Macbook, I try using the latest Chrome, and I can’t even get a list of videos to watch. When I switch to either FireFox or Safari, I can watch the videos, I can share them via the SHARE button on FB. But the VOTE FOR THIS VIDEO button doesn’t change the cursor to a pointer finger, and when I click it, nothing happens, in either browser. Must be some issue with whatever tech they are using for the server side and Mac browsers?

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