Rapid Filter Changes a Pain? Try Xume Quick Release Lens Filter Adapter

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Tony Reale over at NextWaveDV reminds us that Xume (pronounced “zoom”) has an interesting alternative to matte boxes when faced with the need for rapid filter changes.

Called the Xume Quick Release Lens Filter Adapter, it replaces the Mr. Miyagi “screw on/screw off” approach with “clip on/clip off,” courtesy of rare earth magnets embedded into what are essentially a pair of press-fit step-neutral rings: one (called the lens adapter) screws into the lens in place of the filter, while the other (called the filter holder) screws into the…filter.

You simply put the filter holder onto the adapter, and they clip together until you need to pull them apart (as might be the case as you switch from UV to ND filters).

It IS fast and gets rid of the “fidgety”. It would have come in handy in my ND filter test yesterday.

At $30 for the adapter and $11 for each holder, you’re talking about a relatively reasonably priced competitor to matte boxes with their rapid-change filter holders that can easily break through the $1,000 price point.

On the other hand, matte boxes can be had for significantly less, and if you’re switching among, say, three lenses and three filters, the Xume cost rises quickly.

Our very own planetMitch loved the Xume quick release concept when he first reviewed it in 2011.

Two cautions: 1) vignetting can occur with certain lenses (Mitch experienced this at the 24mm end of his zoom); and 2) in some instances (as in when step-down rings are required) you’ll need another lens cap.

All in all, it’s a clever idea that solves a real issue for some of us. They’re available at B&H Photo as well as other retailers.

Gear Review: XUME Quick Release Lens Filter Adapters

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In this gear review, we check out the XUME Quick Release Lens Filter Adapters and how they can increase your speed on set.

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