Noise Proof Pro – Solution to Removing Moiré from your Footage

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If moiré shows up in your footage and it really bothers you – and if it shows up, it generally will – you may find a solution in Noise Proof Pro.

Noise Proof Pro is a collection of camera profiles and presets designed to work as an add-on to Neat Video (itself a plug-in for Final Cut Pro X). One component is noise reduction intended to go beyond what is in the base Neat Video offering, a function of individual camera profiles.

But what’s particularly interesting (given that profiles exist currently only for the Nikon D600 and D610 though more are promised soon) is the second function: moiré reduction, “compatible with all HD DSLRs.”

In either case, Neat must already be installed in order to use Noise Proof Pro, but I can heartily recommend Neat on its own merits.

The Noise Proof Pro demo of its moire reducer is impressive (see especially the Grantham station footage beginning at 0:42 in their YouTube video). I will definitely give it a go next time I have the problem.

Noise profiles are available for 7.99€, while the Moiré Removal Profile and Presets is priced at 9.99€. Visit their web site here for more details.

Noise Proof Pro Moiré Removal Tool

Note: Watch in 1080p

From Dave at NoiseProof Pro:

We have just launched a set of presets and profiles that effectively eliminate moire in videos from any HD camera. It really works great under the most challenging situations while preserving detail and texture, it is really easy to use and affordable.

This set of add-ons work in conjunction with Neat Video plug-in but they take it to another another level, adding functionalities for which Neat Video was not even conceived.

As of today there is no other tool on the market capable of eliminating moire in post, and other approaches we have seen to achieve this by other methods does not even come close to the results we get with our moire removal solution.

Though it is currently impossible to remove aliasing caused by line-skipping in post, our tool removes moire patterns as well as mosaic engineering VAF filters or even better at a less than a fraction of the price.

Since most DSLRs and CMOS HD cameras are prone to produce moire, we believe this is a noteworthy tool that may become and essential part in the workflow of many DSLR shooters.

You can find more information an live examples here

Before and after applying NoiseProof moiré removal preset in Neatvideo.  (Click Image to View Full Size)

Before and after applying NoiseProof moiré removal preset in Neatvideo.
(Click Image to View Full Size)

NoiseProof Pro FAQ

What is NoiseProof Pro?

NoiseProof Pro is an add-on for Neatvideo plugin consisting of a set of calibrated noise profiles and filter presets that lets you achieve improved denoising results specifically targeted at your camera sensor and efficiently remove moire patterns.

Our moire removal solution is available as a separate download and it is compatible with all HD cameras.

Our noise profiles are based on high quality noise sampling from your camera sensor.

In order to achieve optimal results we strongly advise the use of an uncompressed signal from your camera via HDMI / SDI or a high bit-rate stream if using the internal camera codec.

Do I need to have Neatvideo plugin for this add-on to work?

Yes, you need the pro version of Neatvideo plugin which enables full HD and high bit depth rendering in order to achieve optimal results.

Please, visit their website for more info

How do I install the profiles and presets?
This is a very straightforward process and you can load them through the plugin interface.

More detailed instructions on how to use them will be provided with your download.

Moire on wall - 400% magnification (Click Image to View Full Size)

Moire on wall – 400% magnification
(Click Image to View Full Size)

Moire succesfully removed - 400% magnification (Click Image to View Full Size)

Moire succesfully removed – 400% magnification
(Click Image to View Full Size)

Will NoiseProof Pro work with my my camera?

To find out about the current list of supported cameras for each tool please refer to the downloads page.

I have just purchased NoiseProof Pro, when will I receive the tools?

You will receive an email with the set of profiles and presets in less than 24 hours.

Depending on your time zone It may usually take a couple of hours to receive the email.

Learn more about NoiseProof Pro HERE

(cover photo credit: snap from NoiseProof Pro)

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

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  1. Wow! I shoot with Canon DSLRs and I generally like the video quality I get out of them. Yeah other people complain about resolution and dynamic range, but my owny really issue is moire since its motion attracts the eye and is distracting. 

    If this really works with Canon cameras, that would breath some new life into them.

  2. NoiseProof Pro seems the thing that I may be needing after all. Moire can really be distracting and I’ve been looking for ways to remove them. I’ll see how this goes for me.

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  3. Does anyone know what has happened to them – when I click on the link to their site I get a GoDaddy redirect? I really need to try this this software…

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