LED Light Cube Now Available

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LED lights have been rising in popularity and slowly taking over the video lighting market. However, we don't want to forget there still are a lot of photographers that read planet5D.com so this news is aimed at you people.

The LED Light Cube started as a crowd funded (and now available to the general public) light that is for strobe still photography.  This new LED light allows for no time to cycle the lights so you never have down time with clients standing there looking at you wondering what is going on.  Also there is a constant light feature that means the lights can be used for video professionals or more ideally for the photographers that use strobes as well as shoot video.

So for those of you who do both photography as well as video there is nothing else like this on the market. Here are some of the key features of the units:

– There is no recycle time between shots
Any photographer that has been shooting with strobes (especially when their battery is low) can identify with telling your subjects to stand by while the light/battery recycles. No longer an issue with the LED Light Cube. The limitation for recycle time is now your camera. If you have a camera that shoots 15fps this light will keep up. Pretty awesome.

– Control the Flash duration all the way from 1/8000 (freeze time) up to 30 seconds for a single flash.
This is amazing. You can shoot at 1/8000 and freeze any action or you can use a longer duration to help your landscape photography. This is great if you want to do light painting or landscape photography where you can highlight the foreground to match the setting sun.

– Constant light.
Don't forget It works as a video light and not just a flash. This means if you are jumping between still jobs and video gigs you don't need to own two separate lighting setups. This works for both.

– Scalability.
With the LED Light Cube you can lock the lights together and customize the amount of light or configuration of your choice. This is great because if you need more output you can just add a light to your setup. Nothing is worse than having a variety of different lights you are trying to make work together and buy different accessories for all those lights.

– Battery pack internal to the light.
You don't have to carry batteries around. You read that right. You don't need extra batteries, cables or connectors. Now you really are free to light where you want, when you want.

Are these lights of interest to you? Let us know. Happy shooting.

The Led Light Cube

LED Light Cube Press Release

The LED Light Cube is officially in production and soon to be appearing on a store shelf near you. The road from launching the concept as a crowd funding project to a completed retail product has been long, exciting and intensive. And now at the end of the process we are very proud of the results.

Find out more on www.ledlightcube.com

LED light cube image 1

Introducing the LED Light Cube


  • Continuous High speed flashing at full power.
  • Completely portable with battery internally fitted.
  • High Capacity – over 800 flashes @ 1/60 of a second duration from a single battery charge at full power.
  • Over 150 Watts / 5,000 Lumens of light output.
  • Ultimate portable lighting kit – Sold as individual or set of 4 lights.
  • Stackable. Build versatile light banks.
  • Stable colour temperature. Consistent colour temp as power levels are adjusted Use as a video light.
  • Master control. Set the lighting condition of a single unit in array mode and all others will match the settings.
  • Modelling light feature.
  • Trigger remotely via sync cable, wireless trigger or as light sensitive slave.
  • Adjustable flash speed. Adjust the flash speed of the unit to shoot at faster or slower durations. 8000MS – 1Sec.

LED light cube image 2


  • 1 x LED Light Cube
  • 1 x LED Light Cube Li-PO Batteries
  • 1 x LED Light Charger
  • 1 x LED Light Cube Interlocking Spigot
  • 1 x Cube-in-Cube-out Cable
  • 1 x LED Hotshoe Stand
  • 1 x Carry Bag

Get more information on LED Light Cube

(cover photo credit: snap from LED Light Cube site)

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