Jaw-dropping Wedding Video Filmed with Impressive Framing & Steadicam Shots

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Someone brought this video to my attention and by my nature I tend to steer clear of wedding videos. Early in my career I dipped my toe into the wedding industry and found it wasn't for me (it wasn't until later that I realized the reason I didn't enjoy shooting wedding videos. That was because I allowed the clients dictate what they wanted because I didn't show them what I could do. Because of that I left that business as a result.)

However, this video has amassed almost 800,000 views in a couple months so I wanted to see what drove this particular wedding video's view count.

After watching the video I have a hard time with this being called a “wedding” video. It was more like an epic highlight reel of an amazing family doing killer things for a day. Oh yeah, and someone got married.

One of the things that struck me is how bad the audio was. If you listen to the people in the video their audio was not very good for the most part. The creators of this video found some exciting music and let that drive the entire video.  This masked the less than audio for most of the people speaking.

They did a nice job of mixing slow motion with regular motion (however, it feels like they shot with a high shutter speed so I don't like much of the movement of the people in the shots.  However, that is just my personal gripe.) Don't forget about the incredible Steadicam shots throughout.

One thing that I really tipped my hat to the creators on is how good their eye was in framing existing action.  They did this by framing the action against great backgrounds, backlight or directly into the sun. Check out the volleyball sequence and tell me the shot there doesn't impress the heck out of you.

What I loved about analyzing this clip was how much of what they did to make this video great was not technology based at all. The audio wasn't great, don't know what camera they used but I doubt it was a Red or something super high end. They used great camera movements, composition and really focused on capturing the moments that told the story of the day. The laughter and smiles were all genuine and it made you wish you had been there. That is the power of this video.

That and the fact is was an amazing beach setting.

Whatever you feel about this video please take a minute to check out the creative elements that can make your videos stand out. Not whether or not you have the right monitor or camera. Happy Shooting.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Here are my thoughts on this video as someone who also did wedding videos for many years and gave them up so I could have weekends back (and all those nights I edited).  It’s beautiful, well done.  The audio simply needed better EQ.  As far as the video goes, it helps that the wedding was in “paradise”, who couldn’t shoot beautiful video there.  The Steadicam shots are excellent.  I’m amazed he used a quad copter or something similar during the ceremony (ending shot), seems dangerous.  Yes, great framing and use of slo-mo.  When I did weddings brides would NEVER let me do a video like this.  They wanted most of the ceremony, all the toasts and lots of dancing and fun, especially the old Chicken Dance, YMCA, etc.  I’ve seen other videos like this these days.  One guy (in the Philippines) always throws rose pedals over the wedding dress on a mannequin in slo-mo.  It’s a new world.  Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame anymore, at least on their wedding day.

  2. stantod Should get back in it! :) The tech times have changed for us and best part about it, clients still have no idea how to visually describe exactly what they want so more of a reason to do wtf we want ;P

  3. As a guy who too shoots weddings, on occasion, this video is extremely well done. As was the whole wedding, not to mention that the couple are fun and generally great. Add to boo that the wedding planner obviously wasnt pocketing any of the video or photo budget for themselves, which sadly is a big thing, at least here. Point im trying to make was, what do you recon these guys charge for a wedding video, vs what are most ppl prepared to pay for a wedding video. Overall, superbly done tho, top notch all around, just need to master the sound a bit better, editing in studio monitors helps.

  4. JonDoss This post wasn’t to say this is the best wedding video ever filmed. There are amazing people doing videos and there are many that are better.  You mentioned a few of them.  It is totally fine you don’t find it impressive and I respect that. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. stantod I used to film wedding videos as well (but I haven’t in almost 15 years now) but I used to think the way you do.  “The brides would NEVER let me do…”  It is that thinking that I believe produces terrible wedding videos.  We abdicate the creative to a non-creative.  If I work with a bride and they have tons of visual examples then I treat her as a creative.  Otherwise it is the videographers job to convince/show the client what is possible.  If your work is amazing then brides will beg you to shoot their wedding like that.  I implore videographers to take a stand- shoot amazing things and then don’t take the boring work where you aren’t inspired.  That doesn’t bring you revenue in the long run. And in most cases it chases people out of the industry.

  6. barryandersson stantod Good points Barry.  I agree wholeheartedly.  Wedding videographers cannot be “order takers”.  If they’re any good, they are artists and must try to convince brides that what they can offer is something special, something that will be an artistic portrait of the bride’s special day.  I did some of that back in my wedding video days but didn’t get many takers.  However, young people have changed since I did videos of weddings.  I think today’s brides are looking for something different, special and are more open to that.  Of course, you still may have to take some “boring” jobs to pay the bills if this is a full time gig! :)

  7. Seems like this guy really knows what he is doing. Do you guys have a link to his site? If he lived in my area, I would definitely like to use his services. If not, I’d consider paying to fly him out.  hooplafilms.com/about/

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