CAME-TV High CRI LED 1x1s: Great Lighting Values

by Hugh Brownstone7 Comments

Easy to use, adjustable and lightweight, these CAME-TV High CRI LED 1x1s make high performance, color accurate LED lighting available to a much broader audience than ever before.

Remember the first time you lit a set with hot lights and blew the circuit because you hadn’t thought about the amperage draw beforehand? What about the time you did a three light interview with tungstens and your interviewee looked terrible because of the profuse sweating? Or that time you hauled that 100-pound lighting kit up a narrow flight of stairs and almost took out the three people behind you?

There are a number of good reasons why fluorescent and LED lighting are growing ever more popular – even though there are many reasons why tungsten and HMI lighting will remain staples of the industry.

We were able to test a pair of high CRI (color renditioning index) 1x1s from CAME-TV: their 5600K monolight and their 3200K-5600K Bi-Color. With prices starting at $516 for a single monolight and $546 for the Bi-Color, they’re solid performers at excellent price points — and part of a much wider product offering from units half the size to four light kits.

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  1. Personally I felt the didn’t balance anywhere close to daylight the way the Kino’s do. They seem to shift a little magenta in comparison to the sun. This is a bit of a challenge if you’re using window light for fill or key. Hopefully your view doesn’t notice. I felt the fit and finish of the unit’s construction was fantastic and not just for the price either. Great lights great price.

  2. Aaronjones42 The power brick indicates 100-240v, 50 or 60 cycle — but I will double check with CAME.

  3. CAME just confirmed by email to us that they can be used in Europe. Good luck!

  4. I have these and have had to order a 1/8th plus green gel from rosco to match it to some of the more common office and kino type fixtures. Also adding green helps this play with other rented lights like the F&Vs etc. I am happy with the construction but the plastic knobs on the side of the yaw are no doubt going to be the first issue in the future if im not careful. I was found wishing the difuser supplied was more milky to create a single light source but i solved this by buying a milky transparent plastic art folder that i just throw over the top of the barn doors which creates a great diffuser. You can get one of these from most art supply stores for little money. I also bought the CAME tube light and find that the color matches well to these lights providing a very versatile option. Having met CAME at IBC this year I can attest to their positivity and politeness, i think they have good customer service and will do what they can to answer any questions anyone has regarding the products. 
    Thank you for reviewing these and confirming what I thought all along, although i would love to see a colour cast test for your next video. 


  5. ClaireMcHardy Thanks, Claire, for the heads-up.  We’ll work on color cast for the next one!

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