“Bendgate,” iOS 8 Update Fail Can’t Keep us From Ogling the iPhone 6 Camera

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You want to know why DxOMark just crowned Apple’s iPhone 6 the best smartphone camera they’ve tested?

Well, yeah, you could read their review.

Or you could watch this 8-minute video review by Austin Mann which – in the end – proves once again what we already know: in the hands of the right person under the right circumstances, you can create absolutely gorgeous footage with almost anything.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt when you have the wherewithal to fly to Iceland and get the kind of light that only nature can provide.

And — bendy aluminum case notwithstanding — Apple knows how to do smartphone cameras.

Kudos to Austin – really lovely stuff.

iPhone 6 Plus Camera Review: Iceland

Via Austinmann.com:

This year the iPhone camera's most important upgrades revolve around focus resulting in sharper images than ever before. Apple implemented several new technologies to accomplish this and I want to talk about Focus Pixels first.

The last few days in Iceland have been rather dreary & dark but rarely too dark for the this thing to focus. I was a tad nervous about constant autofocus shifting my focus point while shooting but I’ve found it to be quite intelligent… it has rarely shifted focus when I didn’t want it to and it’s super fast.

Somewhat Extreme Lowlight Scenario

I’d been racking my brain for a great scenario to test this new low light focus capability so when I heard I had the opportunity to join the Icelandic Coast Guard on a night vision training helicopter mission, I decided to give it a go. When there’s night vision involved, never say no! The objective of the mission was to simulate a search and rescue, evacuating an individual out of rough terrain. We played the role of rescued and were hoisted beneath the chopper.

Keep in mind all of these images are shot handheld in near pitch black, on a vibrating helicopter. The image of the pilot's eye lit green by his night vision goggle astounds me… no way my dSLR could pull focus in this kind of light.

(most of these are completely unedited most frames shot at f2.2, ISO 2000, 1/15th sec)

iPhone 6 chopper5

iPhone 6  chopper2

iPhone 6 chopper10

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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