Adam Epstein Cutting Edge Post Production Tour: Wow.

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Film editor Adam Epstein becomes the second member of the Saturday Night Live Film Unit after Alex Buono to go on a multi-city tour to show video creatives how to up their game – and knocks our socks off.

Accomplished, smart, articulate, funny, relaxed, supportive, inspiring, wise, and informative, Adam Epstein delivered a tour de force this past week at the Philadelphia stop of his MZed’s Cutting Edge Post-Production Tour.

Yes, pun intended – and yes, I was there.


Well, maybe not. If your editing experience includes five years of insane pressure delivering often insanely great humor at a legendary television property with legendary fellow creatives, then you probably know all of the stuff that Adam shared with a group of about 100 of us.

Otherwise, sign up for the next tour date in a city near you, and get an incredible behind-the-scenes treat by a working professional on how it’s done – and perhaps most importantly, how to think about getting it done.

How refreshing to hear “We’re NOT going to get into flamewars here. Adobe Premiere, Avid, FinalCut Pro X – they’re all great. If you like what you’re working with, don’t pay any attention to anyone else giving you [I don’t remember if the word rhymed with trap or flit] about it.”

How wonderful to know we’re not alone when we roll our eyes (Epstein word of advice: do NOT do that, even in your head) at someone looking for a“Ninja Rock Star editor”– because we understand that what they’re really saying is they want a picture editor, music designer, compositor, motion graphics guy, and armchair psychologist all rolled into one at a penurious rate.

How surprising – and affirming through an actual example – that sound is more than 50% of the game in film editing!

Strange. I found myself wondering during the 11 hours I spent in a dark, non-descript hotel conference room (minus quick lunch and dinner breaks) “maybe THIS is why community colleges can truly be an answer to our fraying higher education system: you can get seasoned practitioners to come in and share hard-won knowledge and insight at a fraction of the cost of traditional college programs.”

Though Epstein is one in a thousand. Maybe more.

And — as many others have pointed out — the relationships one establishes in college can create a lifetime of opportunities (Epstein graduated from UCLA).

No matter my musings. See Mr. Epstein in a city near you if he hasn’t made it there yet. And if he has, you can always buy a DVD of the entire program. Visit the website to learn more.

And Adam — thank you. You are a wonderful teacher.

The Cutting Edge Tour Trailer

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The Cutting Edge Post-Production Tour will show exactly what it takes to go from an empty timeline to a high-quality, ready-for-broadcast piece.

By using the full, original source media and project files from some of the most popular recent pieces from the SNL Film Unit, Adam will share numerous techniques, theories and editorial insight into what goes into taking a piece from start to finish while under intense delivery deadlines.

Designed for editors and filmmakers of all stripes, this all-day workshop will show you how to increase your speed and storytelling effectiveness, allowing you to plus whatever piece you need to deliver and add your own unique voice.

“This tour should feel less like a class and more like a bunch of editors hanging out at 2AM in an edit suite at Rockefeller Center, talking shop and showing each other cool stuff. But make no mistake: though the atmosphere may be lax, the education will be intense. I can’t wait to start the discussion.” – Adam Epstein

Learn more about The Cutting Edge Post-Production Tour

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