Daniel Hurst exploding flowers in slow motion

Witness How Daniel Hurst Captures Slow Motion Exploding Flowers

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Slow motion, liquid nitrogen, high speed cameras and guns? How does that not produce something worth watching?

Everyone loves slow motion video right?

The guys at VIA Films set up to shoot some stock videos for Shutterstock and what they produced is breathtaking.

They dip flowers into liquid nitrogen and “freeze burn” them so they look like regular flowers (only highly brittle.) Then they took a .22 rifle and shot the flowers and captured the devestation with a high speed video camera.

Click here to view the final stock images to see what amazing work they did.

Additionally, they have posted a behind the scenes video that shows you their setup and how they were able to achieve the final shots.


Daniel Hurst exploding flowers in slow motion

Daniel Hurst exploding flowers in slow motion

Daniel Hurst Captures Flowers Slow Motion Exploding Flowers

Via Shutterstock:

Daniel and his team pulled out all of the stops — including using a .22-caliber rifle to blast the flowers after freezing them in liquid nitrogen — to create a stunning series of clips that we're thrilled to have in the collection.


Shutterstock contributor Daniel Hurst has been known to spend serious amounts of time experimenting with high-speed cameras. When he told us he wanted to capture flowers “exploding in slow motion at high frame rates,” we quickly made plans to document the project — which included using a 22 caliber rifle to blast the flowers after freezing them in liquid nitrogen.

Music by Approaching Nirvana: shutterstock.com/music/track/Final-Master-May-12/14405

Check out more amazing clips created for this unique project at Shutterstock: Daniel Hurst Captures Flowers Exploding in Slow Motion

(cover photo credit: snap from Shutterstock)

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  1. sleepinghouse They’re all a little different. The one we used to shoot that one was the Phantom HD Gold. The price point for that one is around $150k to purchase. They rent for somewhere in the ball park of 3k – 4K daily plus around $1200 for a tech per day. I know Daniel is available for rental and tech a lot. feel free to hit me up on my email hello@chrisv.tv or visit the via films site anytime. www.via-films.com
    – C

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