Surveys Says: Canon C300 Most Popular Camera Among Working Pros in UK

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Canon C300 takes top honors, but Sony's F5/55 garners attention.

Thanks to our friends over at Cinescopophilia for alerting us to the 2014 Televisual Production Technology Survey.

Televisual questioned 100 executives at “leading TV, film, commercials and corporate production companies in the UK” to determine their favorite cameras and editing software, and to get their take on 4K and moving to the cloud for a variety of tasks.  The sample was, however, heavily weighted toward TV production.

It’s a Canon world this year in the UK, with Sony a very, very close second – and Arri a not-so-distant third. Together, these three make up more than 82% of the brands survey respondents hope to use in the next 12 months, rounded out by Red (7.6%), Blackmagic (4.8%), Panasonic (3.4%), GoPro (1.6%), and AJA (1%).

So: say what one will about Canon’s priorities and what they are or are not doing for HDSLR filmmakers, their emphasis on their Cinema series – especially the Canon C300 – appears to be paying dividends.

It’s also an Avid world in the UK this year, cited by 70% of the respondents as their favorite editing suite. Final Cut and Adobe Premiere were distant finishers.

When it comes to 4K, 23% of the survey respondents have already shot in it; 33% expect to shoot it in 2015; but only 12% have mastered in 4K (vs downconverting to HD).

You can find the full survey here

Brands of 2014 Most Popular Cameras

From Televisual:

Canon emerges as the most used camera brand in the Production Technology Survey, with 42% using their models in the past year and 30.5% hoping to in the next 12 months. The Canon C300 is, by some margin, the most popular model, cited by 22% of all respondents as the model they used most frequently, while 16% say it’s the camera model they most hope to use in the next 12 months. The majority of respondents say that Canon cameras are excellent value for money, while image quality and build quality is very good.

Most popular camera brands Canon C300

Sony is next up, with 31% saying they have used the manufacturer’s cameras over the past year, and 29% hoping to in the next 12 months. Sony has a much broader range of professional cameras than Canon, so its votes are spread between numerous models – particularly its documentary PMW 200-500 range as well as the high-end F5/F55 models. Many say they want to use the F5/55 in the next 12 months. Sony rates strongly for its image and build quality and the quality of its recording media.

Most popular camera brands image 2

Arri, meanwhile, appears to be making significant headway. 10% of respondents say it was their most used camera in the past year, with the vast majority of its votes coming from users of the Alexa in drama, film and commercials. 22% of all respondents say it’s the brand they most hope to use in the next 12 months, with the pick up in votes largely coming from those who want to try out the new documentary style Amira. Red is the next most popular brand in the market, with the Epic its most used model among our respondents, followed by Panasonic, whose GH4 is cited by a number as a camera they want to use. There’s also a respectable showing for BlackMagic – the number who used its cameras in the past year looks set to double.

Read full article on Televisual for the complete results of their Production Technology Survey [Source: Cinescopophilia]

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Are you using the Canon C300 in your productions?

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