Magic Lantern Pushes the Canon DLSR platform to Shoot at 40 fps in RAW

by Barry Andersson1 Comment

Magic Lantern keeps pushing the boundaries of the Canon DLSR platform.

They have recently announced that it is now possible, on the Canon 5D Mark III, for you to shoot at 40 frames per second at 1080 in RAW mode.

If you are shooting in 720 you can record up to 67fps in RAW.

You might be asking why this is such a big deal. Until now you were limited to only 30fps in full 1080.  Many projects these days require the ability to shoot slow motion in 1080 is a necessity.

Until now my work around has been to shoot those productions that require slow motion in 24 fps for the main footage and then any b-roll I would shoot at 30fps and conform those to 24fps. This slows down the b-roll enough to really help create a cinematic look to the video.

That is the way I can stay in full 1080 resolution. With this workflow I can take the “edge” off the video but it still isn't really slow motion.  I also shoot 30fps with a high shutter speed and can slow the footage down even more in post to get closer to real slow motion in 1080.

Now with the ability to go down to 40fps I can now start approaching true slow motion in 1080. If you need to push slow motion a little more you can still apply post production slow motion and those extra 10 frames per second really make a huge difference.

Make sure you download and try out a few features from Magic Lantern. It is like buying a whole new camera with new features. Happy shooting.

Magic Lantern 40fps on Canon 5D Mk III in RAW

From Magic Lantern forum:

Other frame rate limits: 38 fps in 1080p H.264, and 67fps in 720p, both RAW and H.264.

Technical info here.

Magic Lantern 40 fps in 1080p RAW

Tests needed:
– push FPS to the maximum values and make sure you can record safely in RAW, MLV and H.264. If there are artifacts, that's a bug.
– try all the video modes (1080p, 720p, 480p, zoom, photo…)
– write down what you have tested, so others would be able to focus on untested modes.

The update will be also in 5D3.113, and it's been already there in 60D, 600D and 1100D for ages (with some lower FPS limits).

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(cover photo credit: snap from Magic Lantern Forum)