Magic Lantern Movie: 2.5k, Dual ISO

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Sometimes Magic Lantern makes me want to pull what little hair I have remaining out of my head.

Case in point: absolutely gorgeous footage shot and edited by Danne over at the Magic Lantern forum. Not only does he show us the finished product, he shows us his workflow.

And there's the rub.

The footage has the kind of dynamic range and sharpness that so many of us wish would just come “out of the box” from our Canons — and why we drool over the Sony A7s and Panasonic GH4 and Blackmagic (oh, if only we could put all three cameras together!).

But filmmaking is vastly more complicated than still photography, so every bit of complexity added to an already complex endeavor gives one — especially small, one-man band commercial videographers and indie filmmakers — pause.

The camera makers know this; the NLE makers know this, too.

And every few months, they make progress toward an ever-changing holy grail of combined functionality and ease of use. We, the target audience, are fickle, fickle, fickle. But right to want what we want.

In the meantime, we have people like Danne to show us what is possible and what we're missing — and for that transparency and inspiration, one can only say: kudos, and thanks.

Magic Lantern Dual ISO 2.5k Movie thread

From Danne at Magic Lantern Forum:

Hi! Decided to deepen my testing with dual iso movie mode again and created some 2,5k movie files which show what an amazing kind of dynamic range dual iso can achieve. Alex work on refining the conversion tool has been amazing to say the least. I get the best results when in 3x zoom mode. (less aliasing, cleaner picture). 3x zoom mode is closer to dual iso still photography. Movie and workflow description here: Movie (Watch in 1440HD)

Dual ISO Movie 2.5k Raw

Via Youtube Description:

5D mark 3 magic lantern (nightly build) dual iso movie (mostly 100-1600 iso) 3x zoom 2560×1090 raw hacked preview 24 fps override Lenses used: Samyang 14mm f2.8 Canon ef 85mm f1.8

“Workflow” Dual ISO Movie Raw

Via Youtube Description:

Workflow on how to work on 2,5k movie files filmed with dual iso mode 3x zoom mode, magic lantern. Programs used: – Rawmagic… – Mlvmystic… – After effects – Premiere pro All info at: Discussion thread here:… Big thanks to Alex and all contributors at magic lantern!

Before and After Postprocessing Screen Grabs

magic lantern Dual ISO 2,5k Movie Image 1 Dual ISO 2,5k Movie Image 2 Dual ISO 2,5k Movie Image 3 Dual ISO 2,5k Movie Image 4 Dual ISO 2,5k Movie Image 5 Dual ISO 2,5k Movie Image 6 See full details at the Magic Lantern Forum thread.

(cover photo credit: snap from the Magic Lantern Forum)


  1. Unless I was doing an art or fashion piece there is no way I would go through that maze. Got a headache just watching all the steps. I would rather do what I’ve always done avoid shooting under those conditions. Kudos, is right, this is a heroic effort to achieve  this beautiful footage. Glad I saw it in order to avoid getting myself into such a mess.

  2. EduardoAguiar Definitely. Unless you REALLY need raw, it’s a headache with 5D. And it was really awesome when Ginger decided to cease support of their plugin for EOS raw files. That was really helpful.

  3. Chris Santucci EduardoAguiar 
    Dual iso isn,t easily done I agree to that but regular raw is a breeze actually. Especially with the Mlrawviewer which lets you go through and export your files on the fly.
    Dual iso 2,5k will have it,s place if it could obtain a wider dynamic range than the competition in the same price range. Would also be nice to compare highlight roll off to higher end cameras.

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