How to Contribute to the Magic Lantern Development Without Having to Code

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Are you a fan of Magic Lantern? If you are using it on a regular basis then you should take a close look at their current request.

They want your help.

They set up a variety of ways that users can help their development team (don't worry you don't have to know how to code) improve and push Magic Lantern even further.

Here are a few of the ways you can assist:

– Test the software as if you were doing quality control for a regular company
– Help with User Guides
– Assist in Fixing HDMI Monitor Related Problems
– Testing of Black Level problems while recording RAW Video
– Accurate Tempurature recordings for different cameras
– Compiling a list of card speeds
– Provide RAW Video samples
– Measure the Dynamic Range of your camera
– Measure how the camera does pixel binning.

And if you do know a little coding they have some simple coding tasks you can assist with.

Remember the Magic Lantern team isn't charging for the software. This is a group effort and they are asking for those of you that use or what to use Magic Lantern to help out where you can.

Check out more specifics on how you can help on these various tasks and help Magic Lantern keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Happy shooting.

Want to Help with Magic Lantern Development, Without Having to Code?

In this thread I'll list a bunch of ways you can help the Magic Lantern development project, without touching one line of code. Anyone can do these things, the only thing they require is time.

Test as if you were doing Quality Control for a company

User Guide

Redrocks has started an updated user guide for the nightly builds. Once this is completed, it can be easily transferred from the forum post, to all of the user guides on the site, and in camera.

To help, simply comment with any information you are aware of. You're contribution will be added to the original posts. All contributions are welcomed, from one line of help text, to the entire thing. 🙂


Know how to use a feature really well, why not create a specific tutorial.

Read the whole list at the Magic Lantern Forum thread: “Want to help with development, without having to code?”

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