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This is one a little close to my family – my partner works for San Francisco's Dolby Labs but remotely from Sydney in the audio division. Dolby Atmos is coming to the home. There are clear implications for filmmakers putting even more effort into great audio acquisition, sound effects and sound design than they currently do. Dolby Atmos and its spinoffs are not limited to the movieplex and your home entertainment centre – they are also coming to mobile devices.

And soon enough, will these innovations in audio be matched with innovations in vision? Right now we all need to future-proofing our work by shooting in 4K even if we are outputting to 720p and 1080p for current broadcast.

Should we be doing the same for audio?

UltraHD sound to match UltraHD vision?

Dolby Atmos: Coming soon to a living room near you

From Brett Crockett, Director of Sound Research at Dolby:

As the Director of Sound Research here at Dolby, I take my audio very seriously. This includes, of course, having a very serious home theater in my living room.

In 2012 when we introduced Dolby Atmos®, the groundbreaking cinema sound system that puts moviegoers in the middle of the action, I started imagining how much better my home theater—and millions of others—could sound. From hearing the exciting cinema sound that Dolby Atmos made possible, I knew there was the potential to raise home entertainment to an entirely new level.

So our research and home theater teams began work on bringing Dolby Atmos to the living room. Our goal was to make home theater sound better than ever, while giving audio enthusiasts flexible choices in how they set up their system. I’m proud to say that after a lot of dreaming, experimentation, and innovation, we’ve succeeded in creating an incredible Dolby Atmos experience for the home that will be available to any entertainment fan.

You may have already heard announcements from some of our hardware partners about their products that allow you to feel every dimension of your home entertainment in Dolby Atmos. You’ll be hearing more of those announcements in the coming months.

Dolby Atmos

Bringing the Dolby Atmos experience home

Dolby Atmos has the amazing ability to have sounds come from above you. In the movie Noah, for instance, Dolby Atmos in the cinema made it sound like the torrential rains were pouring down from the sky on top of you. And if you saw Godzilla in a Dolby Atmos movie theatre, hearing the monster roar above you was beyond realistic—it was terrifying.

You’re probably wondering how you can recreate this effect in your living room. We want to make bringing Dolby Atmos into your home as easy as possible, so we’ve given you choices.

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