CarryOn Jib – The Most Compact, Yet Full-Sized Camera Jib Out There?

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Didn't we just write something about knowing yourself and CAVEAT EMPTOR when considering contributing to a Kickstarter campaign?

Yes, we did.

But we're often early adopters here at planet5D (at least some of the time), and so it is with that frame of mind that we wanted to make fellow early adopters aware of a new Kickstarter project by the guy who founded ProAm and is seeking to raise funds for a new, portable jib.

VERY portable.

And very inexpensive, relative to the other guys out there — notably Kessler and Aviator.

For those of you who are relatively risk averse (even if you aren't), NB (nota bene, which means note well): we haven't seen it in the metal, haven't touched it, haven't seen any stress tests, and therefore truly have no idea to what extent it suffers from the usual tradeoffs one must make with lightweight jibs (lack of torsional rigidity being chief among them).

But with this written, we wish Jonathon Baty and ProAm great success. We'll try to get a prototype in our hands and if we do, we'll let you know how it goes.

The CarryOn Jib

From ProAm USA Press:

ProAm USA, a manufacturer of production equipment for film and video enthusiasts and professionals, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring its latest innovation, the CarryOn Jib, to fruition. With a goal of $25,000 and 29 days to reach it as of July 24th, if successful, the ProAm USA CarryOn Jib will be the most compact, yet full-sized crane on the market.

“As a filmmaker, I’ve learned that logistics and limitations of equipment can often come between us and our dreams,” says Jonathan Baty, president of ProAm USA, in his Kickstarter video. “Whether you’re going overseas or trekking into a local wildlife park, without a multi-person crew you’ll have no choice but to limit yourself and perhaps sacrifice that one perfect shot. Without making sacrifices in quality or function, I designed the CarryOn Jib to be an easy-to-assemble, modular crane that allows filmmakers to get amazing, dynamic movements that only a crane can provide.”

CarryOn Jib Shown in 6 foot mode

CarryOn Jib Shown in 6 foot mode

The ProAm USA CarryOn Jib features a 360-degree, lockable bearing base with built-in bubble level to provide smooth, fluid motion. Every joint features oil impregnated brass bearings to ensure smooth rotations. Like all ProAm USA gear, all parts are machined from the highest quality aluminum and then anodized. The crane’s coated steel cables that connect to the camera platform provide automatic leveling, while the platform can be swapped out for an optional 75 mm bowl mount.

The smallest and lightest crane of its kind, the CarryOn Jib expands from four feet to a full six feet in length and can collapse into an amazingly compact 22-inches, fitting securely into an airline-approved, carry-on sized bag. The jib’s extension option brings the total length to an impressive eight feet. Altogether, the package weighs only 10 pounds, making it possible for filmmakers to easily take anywhere. The optional ProAm USA tripod is also carry-on sized.

CarryOn Jib Shown in 6 foot mode

CarryOn Jib Shown in 6 foot mode

“While manufacturing film tools has given me the ability to craft the gear I need, it’s a complicated process that requires a great deal more time, money and energy than I could have ever expected – especially with manufacturing costs rising as consumers demand lower prices,” states Jonathan.“Even so, I’m taking this project on as my personal venture, following the path of innovation. There are hundreds of times I can look back where the CarryOn Jib was exactly the tool I needed – it just didn’t exist yet. With the help of dedicated backers, I plan to change that.”

CarryOn Jib Shown in 4 foot mode

CarryOn Jib Shown in 4 foot mode

The ProAm USA CarryOn Jib Kickstarter campaign offers a number of varying donation levels, from a supportive $5 donation to the $799 level, which gets generous backers the four-section eight-foot CarryOn Jib with bag, quick-release plate, sandbag, tripod and full 7” HDMI LCD kit. Filmmakers interested in backing the campaign will be able to support the community as well as get their hands on an incredibly useful, versatile piece of equipment.

For more information on the ProAm USA CarryOn Jib Kickstarter campaign, please visit:

About ProAm USA
Drawing from experience in the video and film industry, ProAm USA began in 2003 and launched its first uniquely designed camera crane in 2004. It was the first tool-less camera crane and one of the first made specifically for consumer and prosumer cameras. Over 10 years, ProAm has become the innovation leader in camera mounting systems with products used worldwide by film and video professionals. ProAm’s mission is to make it easy to shoot amazing video and create incredible films by manufacturing well-designed, superior quality crane and jib systems for high-end hobbyists and professional photographers and filmmakers.

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)

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