Smartphone OnePlus One Shoots 4k that smokes the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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4K footage from new smartphone entry OnePlus One beats a Canon EOS 5D Mark III (under admittedly ideal lighting conditions). Who should be more worried – Canon, or Apple? Or is this really just an Alfred E. Neumann “What, me worry?” kind of data point?

We live in interesting times.

Just look at this comparison by planet5D reader and film director Giacomo Mantovani, in which he compares footage from a Canon 5D Mk III to that of a smartphone produced by a company that didn’t exist one year ago, OnePlus.

Did I mention “interesting?”

It’s easy enough to spot the OnePlus One’s video weaknesses: the dynamic range is limited; the lateral chromatic aberration is apparent; and noise in the low-light scene is pronounced.

And in the direct comparison to the Canon, as Giacomo says, the footage was shot under ideal lighting conditions. Giacomo further wrote us to be clear:

“I wouldn’t use a phone for professional shooting, but for sure this is an incredible device for all filmmakers who want to be able to shoot something great on the go, when they don’t have  professional equipment in their bag.”

And what remains unequivocal is that the rate at which smartphone still and video capabilities (and their price points) are evolving is spectacular and that — in the right person’s hands, under very specific circumstances and with something like Giacomo’s Glidetrack Hybrid HD — smartphones can give “real” cameras a run for their money.

What’s also clear is that Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Panasonic are not the only ones who should be looking over their shoulders: as the OnePlus One proves, Apple has more than Google to face in the coming years.

Then again, with projects like this Bentley commercial shot entirely on the iPhone 5, Apple proves once again that is a master of the fusion of  gear, art and passion.

I am SO curious to see what Apple does next. What do you think, dear readers? Tempest in a teapot, or something more?

Canon 5D Mark III vs OnePlus One

From Giacomo Mantovani:

And finally a straightforward comparison between the Canon 5D Mark III and the OnePlus One.

The sole aim of this test is to compare how the OnePlus One performs respect the Canon 5D Mark III in a ideal light condition. In this case I am pleased to notice that the OPO is the clear winner, but no doubts that the Canon 5D Mark III is still the best option for filmmakers, for all the many reasons that make a DSLR what it is. It is though interesting to notice that, in terms of dynamic range, the OPO performed incredibly well compared with the 5D, and I can tell you that with a similar exposure, there is almost no difference between the two.

I just took a still with both the “cameras” so you can compare them. Also in this case the OnePlus One seems doing reallywell (in “Clear Image” mode). Feel free to download this zip folder and take a look at those pictures

Shot from OnePlus One (Click Image to View Full Size)

Shot from OnePlus One (Click Image to View Full Size)

Shot from Canon 5D Mark III (Click Image to View Full Size)

Shot from Canon 5D Mark III (Click Image to View Full Size)

OnePlus One 4K UHD

This is the original footage shot with the OnePlus One for the previous comparison, available for you to watch in 4K UHD!

This is the 2nd part of the comparison “Canon 5D Mark III vs OnePlus One”. This video is exclusively intended to show the quality of the 4K footage shot with the OnePlus One.

The amount of details is simply unbelievable and each shot looks just amazing, but I think that the compression artifacts are sometimes too strong.

(Once again: the aim of the previous test was exclusively to compare how the OnePlus One performs respect the Canon 5D Mark III in a ideal light condition. I just want to make clear that despite the OnePlue One performed incredibly well in this conditions, there are still no doubts that the Canon 5D Mark III is obviously the best option for filmmakers.)

Read full details on Giacomo Mantovani's article “OnePlus One – A 4k Camera in Your Pocket”

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OnePlus One good for you?

What is your impression of the OnePlus One 4k footage? Does it really ‘smoke' the Canon EOS 5D Mark III? Sound off in the comments

(cover photo credit: snap from Giacomo Mantovani)


  1. Something would be interesting, which lens was used with the canon 5D? which aperture? because this has a very important effect on the footage! that would be interesting to know!

  2. Also wondering the same, considering the blueish aberrations close to the edges of the picture

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