Benro S8 Fluid Head Review

by Hugh Brownstone1 Comment

Seems to me that I’m seeing the name Benro more and more often.

planet5D friend Keegan O’Neill sent us his review of the Benro S8 fluid head, and I can see why.

As I watched his straightforward and easy-on-the-eyes review, the Benro S8 reminded me of nothing so much as the Manfrotto 502HD fluid head — a head I know, use and like. They both look startlingly similar in style, operation and finish.

But I didn’t remember my 502 bubble level being illuminated.

A quick look at my 502 confirmed it: the 502 bubble level is indeed not illuminated (the S8’s is). Then again, the S8 is almost a third more expensive.

Ah, but grasshopper: as I scoured the rest of the specs, I realized that the right comparison is not to the 502, but to the Manfrotto 504HD, which in turn is almost 50% more expensive than the S8.

Suddenly, the S8 looks like a really good value.

Hmm… I still have a video monopod on my shopping list. On the strength of Keegan’s review and my own research I’m going to have to take a close look at the Benro S8 Fluid Head.

Do any of you own the S8? What is your experience with it? How does it compare to the Manfrotto in your day to day shooting experience? Please let us know.

Benro S8 Fluid Head Review

From Keegan O’Neill:

This fluid head only cost me 200€, probably is the same in dollars and it works great for the price.

It is a nice alternative to expensive video heads.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Hey Nice review. Very chilling video to go along with it. I hope you get time to do more reviews like this. Dont take offense by this, it is meant as a compliment. Your video reminded me of those old Sesame Street videos where they would should you how penut butter is made etc, and some really chilled out voice would slowly talk you through it. Your personality comes through in this video as opposed to being forced, Great stuff.

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