Balancing the MoVI M5 in Under 3 Minutes

by Hugh Brownstone4 Comments

Those of us with access to it, love it; those of us who don't, lust for it.

I'm writing, of course, about Freefly's MoVI M5 — an absolute rock star in the 3-axis gimbal market.

You knew that, right?

But infatuation is not the same thing as living together, so we're delighted to present the first in a series of short videos on what it means to live with a MoVI.

We begin with how to balance the MoVI M5.


Can the movi m5 really be done that quickly?  Yes.

Mike Greenberg of Konspiracy Studios joins host and planet5D writer Hugh Brownstone to show you how to balance a MoVI M5 in under three minutes. A planet5D exclusive.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. He forgot the 3rd axis balance. There is a difference between the BM and the DSLR is weight and balancing…But it is that simple. Not only Movi but all the top gimbals made today. Still the Movi is a little bit ahead of the competition. At least in my own experience.

  2. HughBrownstone kikojiu The one that balances the pan axis. It is balanced when you find the center of gravity of the whole system front to back. The camera is balanced side-to-side (roll axis) and fore and aft (tilt axis). The 3rd axis center the whole system having the pan motor as the centre. On the pan axis boom the whole assembly moves back and forth to allow the balancing. Check this video.

  3. kikojiu HughBrownstone I spoke with Mike.  He said,
    “Good Catch. The M10 and M5 have different methods for balancing the pan motor. There’s two latches near the top handle that allow you to slide the boom side to side. In my experience, working with light camera packages it’s remain balanced from factory assembly. With a heavy accessories you may need to nudge it left or right- but not by much.”

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