Aeterna – An Awesome Sony A7s Short

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Secret sauce

/ ˈsēkrit/sôs/


noun: secret sauce; plural noun: secret sauces; noun: the
secret sauce

1.   [cinematography] the key piece of gear that turns otherwise
impossible-to-capture footage into a cakewalk.

Sony A7s, Panasonic GH4, Blackmagic – oh, and did we mention Sony A7s?

2.  creativity, passion, perseverance, competence, skill, collaboration, caffeine

planet5D friend Raphael Rogers opened up the package and pulled out the Sony A7s he’d ordered.  Hours later, with buds Andy Patch and Ryan Caldwell the team transformed what was going to be a lark of a test in and around LA after-hours into a pretty gorgeous short.

Shooting at ISOs of 12,800 and higher, he and Andy filmed Ryan from dusk through dawn to explore the low light capabilities of the new low light master, the Sony A7s.

With a great track composed by friend Maria Rubel (that's another story altogether), “Aeterna” is four and a half minutes of California dreaming, 2014 style.

As Raphael wrote us, “Overall the camera was incredibly free-ing to use. All I had was two batteries, one sd card, three lenses and a handheld glidecam…The dynamic range is pretty ridiculous…”

OK, the Sony A7s is awesome in low light.

Secret sauce.

But maybe even more important is that Raphael, Bryan, Andy, and Maria were awesome together.

Secret sauces.


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From Raphael Rogers:

If you read the description it's interesting how the music was made.

Film-wise I've really just noticed that it's the dark areas as always that are the most noisy. So shining a little bit of light behind the camera helps out immensely to cut down the noise in post.

I didn’t have any trouble with the rolling shutter but that may be because I've shot with a 5d so much and know how to avoid it.

Overall the camera was incredibly free-ing to use. All I had was two batteries, one sd card, three lenses and a handheld glidecam. Also it's super easy to darken everything to make it look later than it actually is. The dynamic range is pretty ridiculous. A little too good.. I have to get used to coloring something so flat.

Thanks Mitch!

Aeterna – Sony A7s short

Via Vimeo Description:

The day the Sony a7s arrived in the mail, the burning desire to film had already taken hold. That night, we went out and put the camera to work filming all around Los Angeles into the early hours. Being able to work at 12,800 iso and up was incredible. We had one tiny battery operated LED light, used sparingly. The camera was strapped to a handheld glidecam and we ran around LA having a blast. This is what resulted.

As our camera test evolved into something more, and we ended up not being able to use the original track we shot with, our composer came to the rescue, straight from a war zone.

Maria had been living and working on music for Raphael's forthcoming sci-fi project in the city center of Donetsk, Ukraine, right on the Square, when the Pro-Russian separatists took over. Having to quickly flee Donetsk with very little, she was forced to leave behind many essential items for work. Without even her microphone, some of the audio was recorded on a cell phone.

Currently in Odessa, she watches with bated breath as the Ukrainian army closes in on her former home, amidst international concern with the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, roughly 50 miles away.

Creating is something that brings people from all over the world together. Enjoy!

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Isn't the Sony A7s amazing?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. sleepinghouse no doubt great footage, but the Canon 1D MK IV could easily have shot that.

  2. chasesteve27 sleepinghouse Not even close the same light conditions. 1DMKIV is a great camera but I sold mine and bought a 7s….

  3. Thanks for the post. Inspiring. I’ll be picking one up. Could tell us some of the tech details: frame rate, codec, color profile, etc.

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