Sony A7s Rolling Shutter Compared to Competitors

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The chorus is growing louder by the day: Panasonic's GH4 and Sony's A7s are redefining our expectations for DSLR's as video cameras.

Beyond one's preference for low light sensitivity vs 4K, there are a number of other tradeoffs to consider when determining which of the two is best for you.

Like “rolling shutter.”

The folks over at Cinema5D have compared and quantified the performance of the A7s vs. the GH4, the Arri Amira (!), the Canon 5D Mk III, and the Canon 1DC (results for the Canon C300 are not yet in).

It's a short but interesting piece.

Why can't manufacturers just give us everything we want for cheap?

Rolling Shutter: Sony A7s Compare to Other Major Players; Meh…

Via DIY Photography:

One of the things that cinematographers care about when selecting a camera for shooting is how significant is the rolling shutter effect.

Rolling Shutter is a ‘side effect where vertical lines in the real universe appear as diagonal lines ‘on film’. For example it smears buildings when shot out of a moving car or create a jello effect when the shooting camera is unstable, we explained this in length in this post.

The good guys at Cinema5D took the crown challenger – Sony A7S with its remarkable low light performance and put it to the test against some of the other leading video cameras in the market: Arri Amira, Panasonic GH4, (Canon C300), Canon 5D mark III and Canon 1D C. Sadly it did not do all that well.

First here is a simple visual explanation of the effect caused by rolling shutter:

This is how a rolling shutter ‘scans’ an image

Rolling Shutter_Sony A7s Compare to Other Major Players 1

Resulting in smeared diagonal lines:

Rolling Shutter_Sony A7s Compare to Other Major Players 2

How the test was done?

Read DIY Photography's article “Rolling Shutter: Sony A7s Compare to Other Major Players; Meh…”

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(cover photo credit: snap from DIY Photography)


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