Shane Hurlbut Offers New “Inner Circle” Subscription Service

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It has been said that “magic is just science not yet understood.”

By that definition, Shane Hurlbut has already proven he's a magician of the first order as DP of big Hollywood films like TERMINATOR SALVATION and the recent NEED FOR SPEED.

He knows a thing or two about cinematography.

Thus we're delighted to bring you news of Shane’s new subscription-only web offering, Shane’s Inner Circle.

At an introductory price of $7.95/month, we’re betting it will be an incredible value.

Pretty much all of us love BTS (behind the scenes) articles and videos, as most of us are, by nature, tinkerers. It's how we learn: by doing, by emulating and through trial and error.

To have someone of Shane's massive experience and competence offer a detailed dive into what happens behind the scenes; how and why; and how to apply that information – in, short, sharing the full breadth and depth of his experience — is the kind of opportunity once limited only to in-person, one-on-one, apprentice/master craftsmen relationships.

Or four years of film school.

The internet is a wonderful thing.

The sign up has just begun – see the below for details. Enjoy!

Register to Shane’s Inner Circle Membership

Shane’s Inner Circle is a monthly membership club designed to be intimate, interactive, and share extreme attention to detail for those of you who desire to take your filmmaking and storytelling to the next level. Many of you have voiced how my virtual mentorship has changed your life and that our current informational posts have helped shape you as a storyteller. This club is my commitment to help advance filmmaking knowledge globally. I think of it as being able to share the “Keys to My Castle.”

shane's inner circle

Monthly Club Benefits:

On Set With Shane

Thousands of people have asked me, “Can I be a part of your team to learn from you?” Unfortunately, I can’t bring everyone on set with me. However, how would you like to share the reflective immediacy of what I experience every day on-set? I designed this document to take you inside the process of creating a feature film starting on Day 1. It is an operating series that outlines my day to day challenges and triumphs from my latest feature film projects. These documents are jam packed with visual aids, location pictures, links, and lighting schematics that will share the decision process I go through every day. You can immediately apply these techniques to your workflow whether you are an independent filmmaker or a seasoned veteran.

Power Blog Posts OR Lighting Fundamentals

Imagine our current blog posts on steroids. Whether you are just starting out or a film professional, this advanced yet practical information is relevant to any storyteller. Lighting, lens choice, composition, blocking, and exposure are discussed in depth along with techniques for you to implement immediately. Video examples, testing and full audio commentary put you inside my stream of consciousness. Whether you are an indie filmmaker, a still photographer just diving into motion, a visual effects artist, lighting technician, or a seasoned cinematographer, these lighting fundamentals can be immediately applied on set or in your computer to add subtle nuances to tell a more compelling emotional story. The critical decision of where to place lights and when to add or take away light is discussed in detail. All video examples include my audio commentary as well as lighting schematics that deliver the why behind the how.

Monthly Podcast

This is a unique opportunity to have a personal connection with me as your “virtual mentor.” Submit your challenges and questions and I will answer them in this hour long Podcast giving you access to my 20 years of experience, ranging from career advice, to lighting techniques and everything in between.

Shane's Inner Circle Subscription: $7.95/Month

Sign up HERE for Shane’s Inner Circle

Read more about it on Shane's Blog “Announcing Shane’s Inner Circle”

(cover photo credit: snap from Hurlbut Visuals)

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

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